Food and Beverage

Recognized student groups are welcome to bring in their own food for their events but are required to apply for a food waiver. Students are then responsible for providing any necessary supplies (i.e. forks, knives, plates, etc) in addition to the planned food and beverage. Please note that all alcoholic beverages must be provided by Dining Services.


Whether you are looking to host a banquet for 150 of your closest friends or arrange a pickup for your group's own barbeque, Brandeis Dining Services can accommodate your needs.

  • Visit the Dining Services website for current catering menus and pricing.
    • Recognized student groups can check out the Shoestring menu which offers discounted prices for student organizations only.

In addition to food and beverage, Dining Services can also provide tablecloths, cakes (both kosher and non-kosher) and a variety of other services.

Food orders must be placed at least 5 business days prior to your event in order to avoid late fees. Kosher food orders must be placed 10 business days prior to your event to ensure product availability.


Alcohol Policy

Hosting an event with alcohol is a possibility, provided you follow the necessary guidelines. Student Activities has created a policy sheet and alcohol responsibility form designed to educate all student-event planners organizing an event with alcohol. Please note that all alcoholic beverages must be provided by Dining Services.

>See the Student Activities Alcohol Policy for more information.

>See the Student Activities Alcohol Responsibility Form.

In addition to the information presented by Student Activities, Dining Services also has a carding policy in effect at every campus event where alcohol is present. Dining Services is committed to serving alcohol in a safe and legal manner and will not tolerate any exceptions.

>See the Dining Services Carding Policy for more information.

Public Safety is required at all events containing alcohol. There are no exceptions.

Single-day temporary liquor licenses can be requested from the city of Waltham for an additional cost of $250. Liquor license requests must be submitted in advance; please refer to the information provided by the Waltham Licensing Department.