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Politics and Economics of American Markets

This ongoing research initiative is led by Professor Martin A. Levin.


"Getting Past No in an Age of Partisan Noise: Policymaking in the 21st Century," ed. Martin A. Levin, Daniel DiSalvo, and Martin Shapiro (Johns Hopkins University Press - forthcoming).

Table of Contents

    David Mayhew (Yale) - Politics, Elections and Policymaking
  • Daniel Galvin (Northwestern) - The Dynamics of Presidential Policy Choice and Promotion
  • Dan DiSalvo  (CUNY)-- Touching the Bases: Parties and Policymaking in the 21st Century
  • Frederick Hess (AEI) Why LBJ Is Smiling: The Bush Administration, "Compassionate Conservatism," and No Child Left Behind
  • Dan Tichenor  (Rutgers) Splitting the Coalition: The Political Perils and Opportunities of Immigration Reform
  • Kent Weaver (Brookings and Georgetown) -- Embracing the Third Rail?: Social Security Politics Under Clinton and G.W. Bush
  • Jonathan Oberlander (North Carolina) The Bush Administration and Politics of Medicare Reform.
  • Tim Conlan (George Mason) and Paul Posner (George Mason) -- A Solution for All Seasons: The Politics of Tax Reduction in the Bush Administration
  • James Lindsay (Texas) National Security, The Electoral Connection, and Policy Choice
  • Tom Burke (Wellesley) and Nancy Scherer (Wellesley) - The Bush Administration and the Uses of Judicial Politics
  • Martin Shapiro (Berkeley) - Bush's ‘Our Crowd'
    Martin A. Levin (Brandeis) Daniel  DiSalvo (CUNY), and Martin Shapiro (Berkeley) - The Electoral Connection and the Dissonant Game of Coalition Balancing in a Partisan Era

"The New Politics of Public Policy," Mark Landy, et. al, eds., Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995.

"Seeking the Center," Martin A. Levin, et. al, eds., Georgetown University Press, 2001.

"Transatlantic Policymaking in an Age of Austerity," Martin A. Levin and Martin Shapiro, eds., Georgetown University Press, 2004.

"Creating Competitive Markets: The Politics of Regulatory Reform," Marc K. Landy, Martin A. Levin and Martin Shapiro, eds., Brookings Institution Press, 2007.


This project resulted in a conference held on campus in February 2005, which included the following contributors:

  • Steven Vogel (UC, Berkeley) Why Freer Markets Need More Rules
  • Eric Patashnik (University of Virginia) The Day After Market-Oriented Reform; or What Happens When Economists? Reform Ideas Meet Politics
  • Jacob Hacker (Yale University) Policy Drift: The Hidden Politics of U.S. Welfare State Retrenchment
  • Andrew Rich (City College of New York) Reaching Competition Despite Deregulation: The Case of Telecommunications Reform
  • Darius Gaskins (Norbridge, Inc.) The Success and Limits of Deregulation in Network Industries: Freight Railroad and Electricity
  • Richard O'Neill and Udi Helman (FERC) Electricity De-Regulation: California, New Jersey, and the Feds
  • Jonathan Macey (Yale University) The Myths and Realities of Banking Deregulation
  • John Cioffi (UC, Riverside) Be Careful What You Wish For: Securities Regulation, Tort-Reform, and Re-Regulation in the United States, 1992-2002
  • Frederick Hess (American Enterprise Institute) The Dilemmas of School Choice: Markets Work When They Hurt
  • Graham Wilson (University of Wisconsin) Deregulation of Agriculture: The Successes and Failures of the 1996 Farm Reform Act
  • Alan Jacobs (University of British Columbia) and Steve Teles (Brandeis University) Privatization of Pensions, Regulation, and the Scope of Government Intervention: The British Experience, 1979- 2004
Off-Center and Center: The Bush Administration's Faces of Policymaking held the following seminars during 2005-06:
  • Rick Hess (American Enterprise Institute), No Child Left Behind: Bush's Centrist Policymaking, November 1, 2005
  • Paul Pierson (UC Berkeley), Off Center: The Republican Revolution and the Bush Administrations Tax Cuts, December 12, 2005
  • Tom Burke (Wellesley College), The Bush Administration and the Uses of Judicial Politics, April 20, 2006
  • Robert Kagan (UC Berkeley), The Political Evolution of Environmental Regulation, October 23, 2006
  • Dan DiSalvo (Amherst College), The Paradoxes of Partisanship and Policymaking in the New Century, November 15, 2006