Submit Work Request

In Case of Emergency

Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.:

  • Call 781-736-8500

Before or After Hours:

  • Call 781-736-5000

Frequently Asked Questions

elbiaQ: What are examples of emergency situations?

A: Fire, a toilet overflowing (or any other water running over), no heat, no hot water, no electricity, anything that affects your life safety or anything that could cause personal harm or property damage if left unattended.

Q: What are non-emergency problems?

A: Feeling that an area is slightly hot or cold, a light bulb is out, a piece of furniture or shelving is broken, a screen or a shade is broken, or you desire furniture disposal or moves.

Q: What do I do if I have an emergency — like a pipe has broken or I have no heat or electricity in my room?

A: You should call (781) 736-8500. If the emergency happens outside of the normal work hours, you should contact Public Safety at (781) 736-5000 and they will dispatch the request appropriately.

Q: What do I do if I have a non-emergency — like my desk drawer is broken or my shade has fallen down?

A: We request that you submit a Work Order Request. This process gives you a confirmation number which can help track the work order to completion. You will receive an email when the work order is completed and this allows you to let us know if there are any outstanding issues.

Q: What if I lock myself out or lose my keys?

A: If you are a student living on campus and are locked out of your room, you should call Residence Life at x65060 for access to your room. If you lose your keys, immediately notify Residence Life and they will work with Facilities Services to get new keys issued and/or change locks if required. If you are an employee and are locked out, call Public Safety at x65000 to obtain access to your office. If you lose your key, you should immediately notify Public Safety at x65000 and then complete the Key Request Form (xls).

Q: What if I need a vacuum for my room or a shovel in the winter because I need to get my car out of the parking space during or after a snowstorm — do I call Facilities?

A: No, you should not call the Office of Facilities Services. Your quad director should be able to assist you.

Q: Where on campus is Facilities located?

A: Facilities can be found on the first floor of the Epstein Building at 515 South Street, which is just outside of Ziv Quad and across the street from the Commuter Rail.

Q: I submitted a work order for a repair in my dormitory; is Facilities allowed to go in my room if I'm not there?

A: Yes. Facilities will always knock and check to see if you are there, however, and will not disturb or move any of your possessions.

Q: I submitted a work order, but nobody came to fix the problem-what should I do next?

A: Please check the confirmation email you received after submitting your work order, it should list an expected response time. If the expected time frame has passed, please call the office at (781) 736-8500 with your work order number on hand, and we will check on the status of your request. Please note that unforeseen circumstances and peak work times (such as orientation and commencement) can sometimes delay work orders; we thank you for your patience.

Q: How does Facilities operate on weekends and holidays?

A: There is always a skeleton crew on call to help with any type of problem that may occur. Custodial services, however, typically do not work on weekends and legal holidays. In the event of an emergency during these times, please call public safety, and they will refer your call.

Q: I need repairs in my dorm room, what do I do?

A: In this event, please submit a work order. Common problems include needing a light changed, needing a heater looked at, needing a window shade repaired, or needing a sink unclogged. 

Q: What type of damages could I be charged for?

A: Community living makes the final decision about charges. Please see your quad director for a full list of offenses. Some examples, however, include: Graffiti, lost keys, damaged furniture and walls.