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Class # Course # Course Title Status Meeting Time(s) Instructor(s) View Books
8861 RBIF 102 1DL Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Disease Open Online Brenda Ng
Gretchen Ehrenkaufer
View Books
8862 RBIF 109 1DL Biological Sequence Analysis Open Online Jason Hughes View Books
9326 RBIF 114 1DL
Whole Genome Expression Analysis and Biomarker Discovery Open Online Alexandra Maertens View Books
8863 RCOM 102 1DL Professional Communications Closed Online Laurie Lesser View Books
8864 RCOM 102 2DL Professional Communications Open Online Jennifer Drewry View Books
8865 RDFT 101 1DL The New Economy: Global Disruption and the Emergence of FinTech Open Online Michael Storiale View Books
8867 RDMD 110 1DL Principles of Search Engine Marketing Open Online Chris Miceli View Books
8868 RDMD 120 1DL Writing for Digital Environments Open Online Lauren Hindman View Books
8869 RDMD 150 1DL Digital Imaging, Video, and Media Production Open Online Marisa Peacock View Books
8870 RHIN 110 1DL Perspectives on Health/Medical Information Systems Open Online Nich Wattanasin View Books
8872 RHIN 125 1DL Data Analysis and Decision Support for Health Informatics Closed Online Yoni Dvorkis View Books
8873 RHIN 160 1DL Legal Issues in Health and Medical Informatics Closed Online Deborah Hemdal View Books
9327 RHIN 185 1DL Population Health Informatics Open Online Arthur Harvey View Books
8874 RIAS 102 1DL Information Security Management Open Online Derek Brink View Books
8875 RIAS 115 1DL Information Technology Forensics and Investigations Open Online Clarke Cummings View Books
8876 RIAS 150 1DL Principles of Risk Management in IT Security Open Online Joseph Dalessandro View Books
8877 RIAS 180 1DL Leading Security in Complex Organizations Open Online Robert Rue View Books
8878 RIDT 110 1DL Foundations of Instructional Technology for E-Learning Open Online Kimberlee Round View Books
8879 RIDT 130 1DL Advanced Instructional Design & Assessment Strategies Open Online Christin Manning View Books
9369 RIDT 150 1DL Instructional Design and Technology Practicum Open Online Brian Salerno View Books
8880 RIDT 180 1DL Learning Analytics for the Online Classroom Open Online Brian Salerno View Books
8881 RMGT 103 1DL Strategic Information Technology: Organizational Strategy Open Online Cynthia Phillips View Books
8882 RMGT 110 1DL Organizational Leadership and Decision Making Open Online Laurie Lesser View Books
8883 RMGT 110 2DL Organizational Leadership and Decision Making Open Online Jim LaCreta View Books
8884 RMGT 120 1DL Legal and Ethical Practices in IT Open Online Cynthia Phillips
Deborah Hemdal
View Books
8885 RMGT 160 1DL Managing Change and Innovation Open Online Ann Conway View Books
8886 RMGT 175 1DL Leading Security in Complex Organizations Open Online Javed Ikbal View Books
8887 RPJM 101 1DL Foundations of Project Management Open Online Nadeem Malik View Books
8888 RPJM 101 2DL Foundations of Project Management Open Online Vicki Beltran View Books
8889 RPJM 103 1DL Project Scheduling and Control Open Online Simon Cleveland View Books
8890 RPJM 110 1DL Risk Management in Projects and Programs Open Online Charles Mutunga View Books
8891 RPJM 113 1DL Negotiating and Conflict Resolution Open Online David Priddle View Books
8892 RPJM 115 1DL Challenges in Project Management Open Online Kevan Kivlan View Books
8893 RPJM 117 1DL Program Management: Theory and Practice Open Online Cheryl Coleman View Books
8894 RPJM 119 1DL The Human Side of Project Leadership Closed Online Sean Milligan View Books
8895 RPJM 130 1DL Agile Project Management Closed Online Leanne Bateman View Books
8896 RSAN 101 1DL Foundations of Data Science and Analytics Closed Online Annie Shebanow View Books
8898 RSAN 110 1DL Business Intelligence, Analytics and Strategic Decision Making Closed Online Stephen Gentile View Books
8899 RSAN 140 1DL Marketing and Customer Analytics Closed Online Ross Morrone View Books
8900 RSAN 150 1DL
Data Quality and Governance Closed Online Travis Dawry View Books
9409 RSAN 150 2DL Data Quality and Governance Open Online Stephen Gentile View Books
8901 RSAN 175 1DL
Analytics Strategy and Management Closed Online Gregory Block View Books
8903 RSAN 290 1DL Special Topics in Strategic Analytics
Instructor's Signature Required.
Open Online Travis Dawry View Books
8904 RSEG 105 1DL Expert Software Development in Java Open Online Vitaly Yurik View Books
8905 RSEG 120 1DL Software Development Methodologies Open Online Steven Freedman View Books
8906 RSEG 127 1DL
Software Engineering Studio Open Online Erik Hemdal View Books
8907 RSEG 131 1DL Software Testing Techniques Open Online Aline Yurik View Books
8908 RSEG 165 1DL Design Patterns Open Online Vitaly Yurik View Books
8910 RUCD 120 1DL Cognitive and Social Psychology of User-Centered Design Open Online Ellen Murphy View Books
9273 RUCD 170 1DL Design Operation and Leadership Open Online Louis Susi View Books

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