Planning Committee

Mark Collins, Cochair
Division of Administration

Suzanne Yates, Cochair
Office of the President

Scot Bemis  
Office of Human Resources

Alwina Bennett
Graduate Student Affairs

David Bunis
Office of the President

Steven Burg
Department of Politics

Wendy Cadge 
Department of Sociology

Edward Callahan 
Department of Public Safety

Trudy Crosby  
Office of the Provost

Lynne Dempsey  

Susan Dibble
Department of Theater Arts

Scott Edmiston
Office of the Arts

Janice Fineman     
Brandeis National Committee

Angela Garger      
Conference and Events Services

Audrey Griffin-Goode
Office of Communications

Stephanie Grimes     
Department of Student Activities

Andrew Gully   
Office of Communications

Neal Hampton    
Department of Music

Anita Hill
The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

John Hose 
Office of the President

Shawna Kelley   
Department of Music

Marty Wyngaarden Krauss
Office of the Provost

Robin Levine
Office of the President

Michael Marr
Department of Biology

Kate Moran  
Department of Philosophy

Gregory Petsko
Department of Biochemistry

John Plotz 
Department of English

Meredith Roser    
Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Richard Sawyer 
Office of Student Life

Daniel Terris
International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life

Joseph Wardwell  
Department of Fine Arts