Photo triptych of Brandeis students during a Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) experience

JBS: College Credit. Real-World Experience.

A Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) is an engaging, immersive academic program in which small groups of students explore a thematic topic through inquiry-based courses linked to real-world experiential opportunities.

JBS internships, field-based research, creative work or community-engaged learning allow students to:

  • gain real-world experience through experiential learning.
  • build close relationships with professors and small groups of students.
  • acquire skills that will make them stand apart from their peers after Brandeis.

The distinctive elements of a Brandeis education include the intense intellectual engagement students share with our cutting-edge faculty; the rich experiential learning opportunities students encounter in studios, archives, research labs, work settings and the community; and the university’s longstanding commitment to global engagement and social justice. All of these elements are embodied in the new Justice Brandeis Semester.

Justice Brandeis Semester programs are open to Non-Brandeis students.

This video features the JBS Environmental Health and Justice fall 2011 program. It was created by JBS participants Liza Ansher, Jenny Cheng, and Vivian Zeng.

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"JBS was an eye opening experience every day."