Primarily for Undergraduate Students

Course Number Course Title
MEVL 98a Senior Essay - Signature of the instructor required.
MEVL 98b Senior Essay - Signature of the instructor required.

Core Courses

The following courses are approved for the program. Not all are given in any one year. Please consult the Schedule of Classes each semester.

Course Number Course Title
HIST 110b The Civilization of the High and Late Middle Ages
HIST 123a The Renaissance


The following courses are approved for the program. Not all are given in any one year. Please consult the Schedule of Classes each semester.

Course Number Course Title
CLAS 115b Topics in Greek and Roman History
CLAS 135a The Silk Road
CLAS 166a Medieval Literature: A Millennium of God, Sex and Death
COML/HUM 21a Renaissance Literary Masterpieces
COML 123a Perfect Love?
COML/ENG 149a Dante's Hell and Its Legacy
ESC 100b European Cultural Studies Proseminar: Making of European Modernity
ENG 23a Remembering and Dismembering:  Staging the Body in Early Modern England
ENG 33a Shakespeare
ENG 43a Major English Authors, Chaucer to Milton
ENG 50a Love Poetry from Sappho to Neruda
ENG 133a Advanced Shakespeare
ENG 152b Arthurian Literature
ENG 173a Spenser and Milton
ENG 183b Gods and Humans in the Renaissance
FA 33b Islamic Art and Architecture
FA 42b The Age of Cathedrals
FA 45a Early Renaissance Art in Tuscany from the Age of Dante to the Medici
FA 45b Art of the Early Renaissance in Italy
FA 46b High and Late Renaissance in Italy
FA 47b Renaissance Art in Northern Europe
FA 48a Baroque Art and Architecture in Italy
FA 143a The Art of Medieval England
FA 145a St. Peter's and the Vatican
FA 149a The Age of Rubens and Rembrandt
FR 120a The French Middle Ages:  Before France Was France
FR 122b The Renaissance:  When France Became France
FR 142b The City and the Book
HIST 103a Roman History to 455 CE
HIST 110a The Civilization of the Early Middle Ages
HIST 112b The Crusades and the Expansion of Medieval Europe
HIST 113a English Medieval History
HIST 120a Britain in the Later Middle Ages
HIST 121a Breaking the Rules: Deviance and Nonconformity in Premodern Europe
HIST 123b Reformation Europe (1400-1600)
HIST 126a Early Modern Europe (1500-1700)
IMES 104a Islam: Civilization and Institutions
ITAL 110a Introduction to Italian Literature
ITAL 134b Nella cultura ebraica italiana:  cimema e letteratura
MUS 37b Back to the Future: Digging for the Roots of Western Music
MUS 80a Early Music Ensemble
MUS 80b Early Music Ensemble
MUS 131b Ancient through Early Baroque
NEJS 124a Arabic and Hebrew Literature (500-1500)
NEJS 140a Under Crescent and Cross
NEJS 140b Early Modern Jewish History
NEJS 144a Jews in the World of Islam
NEJS 155a A Jewish thinker in the Islamic World
NEJS 188a The Rise and Decline of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1800
NEJS 194b Sufi Teachings
NEJS 195b Early Islamic History from Mohammad to the Mongols
NEJS 198a Islam and the West
THA 11a Theater Texts and Theory I
THA 102b Shakespeare: On Stage and Screen
THA 133b Shakespeare: On Stage and Screen

MERS Colloquium Courses

Elective courses counting as colloquium course: The following courses may count as medieval and renaissance studies colloquia for the capstone option as outlined in the requirement section; otherwise, they count as an elective.

Course Number Course Title
ENG 132b Chaucer I
FA 191b Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Art
HISP 120b Don Quijote
HISP 150a Staging Early Modern Spain
HIST 221b Thematic Seminar in Premodern Legal History
MUS 184b Proseminar in Medieval Music
MUS 185a Proseminar in Music of the Renaissance
MUS 224b Seminar in Medieval Music
NEJS 187B The Book and Writing in the Islamic World