Message from Board of Trustees Chair Perry Traquina

Message to the Brandeis Community

From Perry M. Traquina ’78, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community,

I am sure you are aware of the recent The Boston Globe articles regarding compensation paid to President Emeritus Jehuda Reinharz.  

As an alumnus from the class of 1978 and in my new position as Chairman of the Board of Trustees beginning in May 2013, I want you to know that the Board is listening to your concerns.

I was a scholarship student at Brandeis and I am acutely aware of the challenges that students and their families face in affording a Brandeis education.  As Chairman of the Board of Trustees, raising private support for student scholarships and financial aid is my top priority, and my philanthropic record at Brandeis reflects that commitment.

For Brandeis to succeed, we need great faculty, great students and great executive leadership.   As Board Chair, one of my highest priorities will be to ensure that all current and future executive pay packages at Brandeis are fair, motivational and consistent with best practices.  

I care deeply about Brandeis and the people who work and study on this campus.  I am proud of my association with Brandeis, I strongly believe in the educational mission of this institution and I have great faith and confidence in President Fred Lawrence (who arrived in 2011) and his leadership team.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I pledge to make sure that everything we do meets the highest ethical and moral standards worthy of our namesake, Justice Louis D. Brandeis.  

I want to hear your feedback.  Please feel free to send me an email at


Perry M. Traquina

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