Magazine promotes wanderlust

Wander features stunning poetry, prose and photographs from abroad

Lindsey Weiss/Temuco Chile

For some travelers, fulfilling wanderlust is about much more than just sampling new cuisines, sightseeing or shopping.

Isaac Steinberg ’15, a self-proclaimed travel evangelist who has visited dozens of countries, is one of them. He is already packing for his next trip to spend the spring semester in Sydney.

“Travel abroad can change people’s minds; it can give them a broader world view,” says Steinberg, who is also editor in chief of Wander, a student-run magazine that he and editors Michael Kahn '15, Shani Abramowitz '14 and Patricia Amselem '14 produce in partnership with the study abroad office.

“We hope the magazine transports readers to other places, as well as inspires them to travel themselves and see what the world has to offer them,” says Steinberg, who has worked with NGOs in Indonesia, India and Ghana.

The magazine, founded by Jake LaBand '12, publishes features, essays, poetry and photos by alumni and students studying or volunteering abroad. Each year, three written and photographic submissions win cash prizes.

In Wander’s fifth edition and most recent issue, Hannah King ’15 won first place for an essay on Bali; Andrea Verdeja ’14 grabbed second for a story on Bethlehem, and Damiana Andonova ’15 earned third for an article on Bulgaria. Ben Udo ’15 won top honors for his cover photo taken in Myanmar; Mia Katan ’15 took second place for a photo she took in Amsterdam, and Hannah Diamond ’14 came in third for an image of Jamked, India.  

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