Crew team names its new racing shell in honor of President Lawrence

From left, with the new President Lawrence racing shell are Elise Sobotka, Roseanne Libretti, Sinan Isim (red mohawk), Nate Ennis (behind Sinan), Teresa Hashiguchi (front with bottle), Paul Benlenky (behind Teresa and to Nate's right), Sigrid Solid (next to Teresa), Coach Geoff Worrell, President Lawrence and Coach David DeIuliis.

The Brandeis Crew Team was joined by a special guest at their early morning practice on the banks of the Charles River this weekend, as President Fred Lawrence came out to christen a new boat, named "President Lawrence.”

“When we name boats, we generally try and have some meaning behind the name,” said Coach Dave Deluliis. “We most recently named a boat after the first crew coach at Brandeis. The boat before that we named the "First Class" in honor of the first crew of 1986.  All of the students just had a good feeling about the president and have been impressed by his accessibility and the attention he pays to the students.”

President Lawrence said, “I was incredibly touched by the team’s decision.”

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