Weinberg '87 shows alumni how to re-enter workforce

Career coach and personal branding specialist to host webinar

Have you been out of the workforce for some time and are planning to get back in? Are you feeling overwhelmed about how to start, especially in this difficult economy? Does your professional brand need an update or a makeover?

Brandeis alumna Pamela Weinberg ’87, career coach and personal branding specialist, will help members of the Brandeis community address these questions in an upcoming webinar sponsored by the Hiatt Career Center. She will share specific tips on how to begin the process, whether it involves returning to a chosen profession after raising a family, going to grad school, or a change of careers.

Weinberg herself changed career paths from working in advertising and public relations after graduating from Brandeis in 1987, to now running her own career coaching practice. While she enjoyed her time in PR, she hadn’t quite found her calling until she went on maternity leave.

“While I was home on leave, I was having difficulty getting information on all of the resources available to New York City parents,” recalls Weinberg. In response, Weinberg wrote a resource guide called, “City Baby,” which shares important resources with other like-minded mothers in urban centers from New York to Chicago.

“Writing ‘City Baby’ was the start of my career as a resource to women,” Weinberg adds. “I spoke frequently to new mother’s groups, groups of pre-natal women and more. One of the issues that I spoke about frequently was how to balance and manage career and parenthood.”

As a result, Weinberg went back to school for a certificate in Career Planning from New York University and went on to co-found Mind Your Own Business Moms, which provides workshops, seminars, classes and individual counseling to moms returning to work.

Weinberg’s career coaching practice has since expanded beyond moms to include clients in every stage of career development. She is particularly passionate about personal branding for the job search.

Her advice for fellow Brandeis alumni and current students? “Network in every possible area of your life, because 80 percent of jobs are obtained through personal connections. Social media is a great way to make and maintain connections, but don't neglect ‘in-person’ opportunities you can get from attending alumni or school events, being a part of professional associations and stepping away from the computer.”

Weinberg’s “Re-entering the Workforce” webinar will air live on March 14 at 7 p.m. EST. Register here. For those who can’t attend the live screening, the Hiatt Career Center’s webinars are archived online for viewing 24/7.

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