Discovering the world's oldest wine cellar

Andrew Koh, associate professor of classical studies, was part of a team that unearthed the oldest — and largest — palatial wine cellar in the Near East last year. The researchers  reported this week in PloS ONE that their analysis confirmed that the vessels did contain wine. These findings attracted the media's attention. The following is a brief sampling of the coverage.

Caananite wine cellar found in Galilee unearths ancient flavors
Times of Israel (Aug. 28)

Huge wine cellar unearthed at a Biblical-era palace in Israel
Smithsonian (Aug. 27)

What Bronze Age wine snobs drank
TIME (Aug. 28)

Oldest known wine cellar was party in central Galilee
NBC News (Aug. 27)

World's oldest wine cellar fueled palatial parties
CBS News (Aug. 27)


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