Studio art program has new home on campus

The program moved into the new space in the Epstein building after years in an off campus facility in Waltham

Photo/Joseph Wardwell
Eight thousand square feet formerly used as storage and office space inside the Epstein Building has been converted into an artistic hub for the Brandeis campus.

Sections of the first and third floors of the building, which also houses facilities and the Women's Studies Research Center, are now home to the university’s studio art program.

“We are thrilled by this new space, the faculty and students are unanimous in their feelings of joy,” said Susan Lichtman, associate professor of fine arts and director of the studio arts program. “It's been about 20 years we've been looking for a space on campus for the advanced students.”

The new facilities feature 13 private studios for post-baccalaureate students, 16 spaces for senior studio art students, two critique display areas, wood shop and multimedia lab. The first floor space features natural indirect sunlight through previously covered skylights.

The studios were moved from an off-campus building on Prospect Street in Waltham, over a mile from campus. Along with the many other benefits of being closer to campus, the move also brings the studios closer to Goldman Schwartz, where students can utilize tools for sculpting and a printmaking studio.

“Our new space will create a really nice community for our students," said Associate Professor of Painting Joseph Wardwell, who teachers advanced studio art courses. “It connects the program much more closely with the rest of campus. The other students at Brandeis need to see what it means to do research in studio art.”

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