Beyond the Supreme Court: Stephen Whitfield, PhD'72, explains Louis D. Brandeis' legacy

Brandei professor Stephen Whitfield, Phd'72 goes on the record about Louis D. Brandeis' legacy

Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis’ legacy lives on today, and not only at his namesake university.

Brandeis University American studies professor Steve Whitfield says Justice Brandeis helped shape our modern understanding of democracy and jurisprudence. 
“There are promises our democracy has made, promises that were unfulfilled,” Whitfield says. “Throughout his life, Louis Brandeis managed to make sure that he did not forget that those promises had to be kept to all of our citizens, not only those who were lucky and privileged.”
Brandeis University is celebrating its namesake’s life and legacy in "Louis D. Brandeis: Then and Now," a semester-long series of events and panel discussions on the centennial of his appointment to the Supreme Court.

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