Brandeis chapter of Phi Beta Kappa elects 87 new members

The Brandeis chapter of Phi Beta Kappa elected 87 new members from both the Class of 2016 and the Class of 2017, who will all attend an initiation ceremony on May 21 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. inside the Spingold Theater.

Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and most prestigious undergraduate honors organization in the United States. Founded at the College of William and Mary in 1776, its high and rigorous standards of excellence have made election to it one of the highest academic honors an undergraduate at a college in the United States can receive.

Brandeis established its chapter of Phi Beta Kappa in 1961, only 13 years after its founding. This earned Brandeis the distinction of achieving the quickest chapter chartering in relation to an institution's founding.

Selection for membership in Phi Beta Kappa is based on the quality of the candidate's academic record, the breadth of their academic interest beyond their concentration, and the opinions of the faculty and senior administrators concerning the scholarly achievements and character of the candidate.

"Phi Beta Kappa is not solely about scholastic excellence," said Associate Professor of History Alice Kelikian, who is the President of the Brandeis chapter. "The nation's oldest academic honor society looks for well-rounded candidates: ones who have ventured outside their major fields of interest to explore a truly well-rounded liberal arts education."

Class of 2016 Seniors Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Cecile Honor Afable, Stephanie Algenio Anciro, Rebecca Balk, Julie Agnes Barberio, Hina Rashid Bhat, Sarita Rose Biswas, Sophie Rebecca Brickman, Hannah Susan Brooks, Ryan Michael Brown, Samantha Meagan Chin, Mihai Florin Chitulescu, Aaron C. Chiu, Ian Kaplan Christie, Samuel Frederick Daler, Katerina Hionia  Daley, Abigail Edith Denemark, Daniela Yordanova Dimitrova, Johanna Clare Doren, Ellie Marie Driscoll, Victoria Elizabeth Drumm, Emma Jill Farber, Tamar Hanna Forman-Gejrot, Daniel Noam Glasgow, Aviv Glick, Emily Margaret Greenwald, Richard Hao, Leah Katherine Hastings, Grace Ann Hewett, Sarah Faith Horn, Emily Ann Horowitz, Joseph Nathan Kaminsky, Ashkan Joshua Kashanchi, Daniel Joshua Kats, Arielle Stephanie Keller, Jea H. Kim, Justin Euihyun Kim,  James Hann Lee, Nicholas Richard Levergood, Carl Adam Lieberman, Cynthia Yin Liu, Mitchell Rocket Mankin, Hannah Corinne Marion, Samuel Jordan Marlowe, Allison Nicole Miyashiro, Leila Rachel Goulden Naitove, Jessica Pauline Neary, Danielle Na'ama Nurick, Huiyao Ouyang, Michael Sullivan Partridge, Tifara Reva Ramelson, Nathan Andrew Rinehouse, Madeline Beth Rosenberg, Ellery Karl Rosenfeld, Eliana Sarah Rosenthal, Alyssa Rose Roy, Shayna Rose Rubenstein, Veronica B. Saltzman, Allison Brooke Schwab, David Z. Schwartz, Adrianne Rose Schwarzentruber, Ciyue Shen, Heather Caitlin Sherman, Jacob Nathaniel Silver, Naomi Ilana Soman, Brandon Michael Sousa, Adina Charlotte Steinman, Catriona Stewart, Liying Sun, Axel Ezequiel Szmulewiez, Hope Catherine Turock, Meka Adi Uffenheimer, Karina Anna Wagenpfeil, Yunxiang Wan, Ruoxi Wang, Naomi Hannah Weinblatt, Le Wu, Lantian Xiang, Qiushi Yan

Class of 2017 Juniors Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Emily Altkorn, Zoe Brown, Yujie Jiang, Micah Margolis, Wei Qian, Aditi Shah, Brandon Shapiro, Boyuan Sun, Connor Wahrman


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