Requirements Checklist

Download the degree requirements checklist.

Major Requirements

Overview:  Ten courses are generally required to complete the EAS major. At least six courses are required to be taken in residence at Brandeis and all courses used to fulfill the EAS major degree requirements must be passed with a C- or higher.

A. Core Course:  HIST 80a (East Asian Civilization to 1650).

B. Language Requirement: at least up to CHIN 40b or JAPN 40b, or by exemption.  Students with demonstrated language skills at the 40 level or are native speakers may be exempted from this requirement by application and/or exam.

If applying for EAS language requirement exemption in East Asian languages offered at Brandeis, please go to the Registrar's Foreign Language Credit Forms for further directions; but for East Asian languages not offered at Brandeis (Korean) a ‘Foreign language Exemption Petition' is needed.  Exams may be necessary in either case.

C. Electives:  Three EAS electives selected from the creative arts, humanities, and the social science courses (see course listing).

Students must take at least one social science elective and at least one creative arts or humanities elective. The third elective may be chosen from any one of the three disciplines. For humanities courses that are languages, only courses above the 40-level may be counted toward fulfilling this specific elective requirement.

D. Generally five additional EAS electives are required; but with two exceptions:

  1. students who are exempted from the language requirement must complete six electives.  
  2. students who successfully complete an EAS 99 (Honors*) will only need 3 additional EAS electives, unless they are also language exempt in which case they will need 4 EAS electives.

East Asian language courses (such as in a second EAS language area) at the 20-level or higher which are not used toward fulfilling the language requirement may be used as electives for the major degree; however, at least one elective must be an EAS non-language course taken outside the GRALL Department

E. No more than four (three, if language exempt) courses taken outside of Brandeis may be counted for the major.


EAS honors Candidates  are required to register for EAS 99 and to prepare an honors thesis on a topic relating to East Asia for their entire senior year (two full semester). If completed successfully, the 99 can be counted as two of the five (six, if language exempt) EAS electives needed for the major. Registration for an EAS 99 can only be achieved with an Add/Drop form completed, signed and turned into the Registrar's Office.