The Department of Public Safety is composed of the following five units:

Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo)

A student-volunteer organization, created in the late 1970s with the intent of providing timely and efficient emergency medical care to the Brandeis community. > Go there

Escort Safety Service

Provides safe and efficient transportation for all members of the community who need to travel from one point to another on campus or who need to commute to downtown Waltham, Cambridge or Boston. > Go there

Parking and Traffic

Responsible for registering, monitoring and controlling all motor vehicles operated by the members of the Brandeis community and their guests. > Go there


Provides van rentals to community members for academic and social events. > Go there

University Police

Responsible for the protection of life and property on and within the confines of the 325 acres and 95 buildings that make up the environs of Brandeis University. > Go there