Timeline for NEASC Re-accreditation

Spring 05

  • Early January: Steering committee meets and clarifies timeline and processes, formally appoints chairs of standards committees and reviews draft list of committee participants
  • March 15: Kick-off meeting of standards committee chairs and key support staff to clarify charge, review 1996 standards, establish guidelines for draft, discuss role of faculty reviewers, committee outreach, set benchmarks and deadlines
  • April: Co-chairs invite their committee members, identify faculty reviewers and hold first meetings to discuss process for the collection and sharing of data and writing deadlines
  • May 17: Chairs give first progress report about meetings, planned process and data needs

Summer 05

  • Data collection needs assessed
  • Support members of committees begin working on drafts

Fall 05

  • September: All committees are meeting
  • Information collection according to standards
  • Outreach activities by committees as they compile a draft for their standard
  • Faculty reviewers and/or standing committees review and give feedback
  • Oct. 3: Template reports are due in Provost’s Office
  • Mid-October: Progress Report meeting
  • Dec. 1, 2005: Deadline for first draft

Spring 06

  • January: Executive Committee reviews all draft standards
  • Early February: Complete data analysis and data shells (supported by all research analysts)
  • February: Complete and polish standards in NEASC format, return to committees
  • March: Outreach and review by standing committees and faculty
  • Mid-March: All committees meet and share feedback
  • Early April: Release self-study draft to community for comments online
  • Mid-April: Public forum for presentation and discussion of self-study
  • May: Incorporate comments from community and re-release

Summer 06

  • June: Self-study revised and polished, data holes filled
  • Final version submitted to NEASC

Fall 06

Winter 07

Spring 07