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Your Brandeis Memories

“A picnic in Massell during Orientation week in the fall of 1977”

Lewis Brooks ’80

Ah, memories!

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“Orientation! Meeting so many new friends as an OL - it was truly the best experience.”

Reed Zukerman ’13

“A Lot of Night Music, performed in Cholmondeley's during the Spring of 1979.”

Lewis Brooks ’80

“At Brandeis from 1967-71, I was a Waltham Group tutor, ran a summer program for kindergarten students and worked as the group’s volunteer coordinator. I wanted to make my mark through volunteering.”

Mark Kaufman ’71

“Pearlman Hall Takeover”

Miniard Culpepper ’76
12 people smiling in a ski lodge

“Having co-led the Alpine Snow Sports club, we have made many friends and shared amazing experiences. So much so we still get together (with new partners and little ones) 14 yrs later!” — Yuki Hasegawa ’10

Several people on a field smiling

MPP kickball game fall 2012. — Carmen Hicks, Heller 2014

“Gary and Cary welcoming all to Brandeis (1980).”

Lewis Brooks ’80

“Being on campus when Obama was elected in 2008. The cheers in Shapiro when the race was called, the impromptu dance party in the Mods courtyard, the night was absolutely electric.”

Madison Lyleroehr ’09

“Mod 31 (plus 1) in the spring of 1978.”

Lewis Brooks ’80

“Sledding behind East using cafeteria trays”

Lynn Whitfield ’73

“‘Playfair’ in the gym, was always a highlight of orientation week. Welcome to the class of 1982!”

Lewis Brooks ’80

“Marci S., Beth S., and I used to turn our Brandeis sweatshirts inside out so we wouldn’t get them stained. I love Brandeis!”

Marianne Altobelli ’87