Brandeis at 75

Origin Stories

Pop art painting by Roy Lichtenstein showing woman speaking to downcast man.

By Sarah Church Baldwin

In which Brandeis is revealed to be much greater than the sum of its parts.

Pauli Murray

By Jarret Bencks

Seventeen years before the Woolworth lunch counter sit-ins, Pauli Murray helped organize a sit-in that desegregated a restaurant in Washington, DC.

Black and white image of people playing croquet

This exhibit displays furniture and objects from the home of Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis. It was there, in Chatham, Massachusetts, that Justice Brandeis spent summers with his beloved wife, their daughters, and their grandchildren.

Archival photo of Diana dressed in a Brandeis Cheerleader uniform

By Diana Siegel ’52

A pioneer alumna recalls life on Brandeis’ brand new campus.

Collage of four athletics stories

By Ted Reinstein ’85, GSAS MFA’87

The Judges strike a well-reasoned balance between athletics and academics.

Ah, memories!

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