Brandeis at 75

Meaningful Memories

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Alumni, students, and faculty share what Brandeis means to them.

Origin Stories

Three buttons — two blue and one red — that read "Brandeis Admissions Volunteer."

Object Lessons

Go back in time with this handful of objects that invoke iconic milestones and memories from Brandeis’ first 75 years.

By Sarah Church Baldwin


When Ridgewood Was a Cottage

A pioneer alumna recalls life on Brandeis’ brand new campus.

By Diana Siegel ’52

Softball players huddled and cheering

Winning Isn’t Everything

The Judges strike a well-reasoned balance between athletics and academics.

By Ted Reinstein ’85, GSAS MFA’87

Pauli Murray

Igniting Change and Inspiring Generations: The Trailblazing Legacy of Pauli Murray

Seventeen years before the Woolworth lunch counter sit-ins, Pauli Murray helped organize a sit-in that desegregated a restaurant in Washington, DC.

By Jarrett Bencks

Black and white photo of people on campus, one with a guitar

Scene at Brandeis: Then and Now

Step through time as we share moments from Brandeis’ past and present in our summer photo essay.

Forward Looking

Illustration of three people stepping over into four brightly colored panels.

Across Boundaries

As the world continues to move in frightening, even apocalyptic directions, perhaps this new generation will develop tools that can reverse these trends.

By Ulka Anjaria

An illustration of monumentally sized books set up as a maze.

An Epic Future

What is the value of our lives? How do we make — or, given climate change, preserve — a world we want to live in together?

By Joel Christensen ’01, GSAS MA’01

Three people try to hold up a badly cracked Roman-style column.

American Democracy in Peril

The revival of liberal democracy, while necessary, is not sufficient. A radical restoration of economic democracy is also required.

By Robert Kuttner

An illustration of a hand in lotus position lit by a spectrum of colors.

No Death Knell for Religion

Religion is not dying. It will continue to change, we suspect, around the axes of disaffiliation, diversity, and discrimination.

By Kristen Lucken and Wendy Cadge

Timeline: The History of Brandeis

In just 75 years, Brandeis has become a beacon of aspiration and accomplishment in the higher-education landscape. Explore a full timeline of our history or select a decade to learn more.

Repairing the World

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