Brandeis at 75


Ron and Jessica Liebowitz smile with President and First Lady Herzog

President Ron Liebowitz and his wife Jessica reflect on their visit to Israel to commemorate the shared 75th anniversaries of Brandeis University and the state of Israel.

A group of students read and talk beneath a tree.

Graduation ceremonies, green grass, and time spent with friends — spring at Brandeis has always been a time of growth, new beginnings, and community.

Group of femaie graduates wearing Hawaiian leis at graduation.

Stacey Ebert ’96 reflects on enduring relationships forged on the Brandeis campus against a 1990s backdrop.

Group of people posing and smiling in a warehouse

The Brandeis community has already surpassed the goal of performing 75,000 acts of community service and shows no signs of slowing down.

Eleanor Roosevelt speaks with a student as a group of people, including Abram Sachar, look on.

For five days in 1955, Allen Secher ’56 was in the driver's seat and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt sat by his side.

pauli murray on quarter

Dr. Pauli Murray, a hero of the civil rights movement who served on the Brandeis faculty from 1968-73, will appear on the 11th coin circulated by the United States Mint as part of the American Women’s Quarters Program in 2024.

Two people in baseball uniforms throw snowballs

Falling snow, warm coffee, and a semester spent bundling up for a exciting New England winter.

Martin Luther King Jr. smiles with two other people on his visit to Brandeis University

While Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is honored nationwide every third Monday in January with a federal holiday that bears his name, his legacy as a civil rights activist holds a particularly special place at Brandeis.

Black and white image of a man wearing a suit and cutting a ribbon.

Alan Rosenberg ’74, P’07, first conceptualized a campus tavern as an election campaign promise. A half century later, it’s still a uniquely Brandeisian jewel.

People carve pumpkins

Falling leaves, pumpkins carved, and a semester spent learning among peers. Time moves forward, but fall at Brandeis continues to be a period of transition, growth, and discovery.

People stand on a stage and raise glasses for a toast.

A selection of 75th Celebration photos taken by our university photographers.

A person gives the Judge mascot a high five with the gavel

Full coverage of Brandeis' 75th Anniversary weekend, where thousands of proud alumni, students, and families filled campus to celebrate the university's 75th anniversary.

Thanks to support from generous donors, Brandeis students have been able to access a world-class education. Many of them are now paying it forward as alumni.

Part of what makes Brandeis University such a unique place is its interconnectedness. Students have the chance to learn across disciplines, allowing for a vibrant academic experience.

Over 75 years, Brandeis has brought countless people and their stories together, connecting our community through time.

Alumni, students, and faculty reflect on what Brandeis means to them.

From football, to basketball, to soccer, athletics Hall of Fame alumni discuss the impact the university has had on their lives

Black and white photo of people on campus, one with a guitar

Step through time as we share moments from Brandeis’ past and present in our summer photo essay.

Brandeis was founded 75 years ago on the ideals of inclusion, truth, and justice. Hear from alumni, students, and faculty on what those values mean to them.

Pauli Murray on the Brandeis campus.

Seventeen years before the Woolworth lunch counter sit-ins, Pauli Murray helped organize a sit-in that desegregated a restaurant in Washington, DC.

Graduate student researcher uses equipment in a lab

The Brandeis method of creating science superstars is exquisitely simple: Attract great talent, nurture raw curiosity, provide keen mentorship, and cheer pioneering advances.

Photo of Diana in black and white

A pioneer alumna recalls life on Brandeis’ brand new campus.

Members of the community on horseback herd cattle in the pasture.

President Ron Liebowitz and his wife Jessica recall how they discovered the connection between the Brandeis and Kibbutz Ein HaShofet in Israel.

Black and white photo of 2 children playing croquet with an adult

The Brandeis / Popkin Room Exhibit in the Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections

Lawrence Wien, Abram Sachar, John F. Kennedy, Wakako Kimoto Hironaka, Senator Leverett Saltonstall, George Kennan, Abraham Feinberg

Wien Scholarships give international scholars access to a Brandeis education — and encourage all students to see themselves as global citizens.

ATLAS New Small Wheel

Brandeis’ high-energy physics group helped discover the Higgs boson, setting the stage for a major new wave of exploration.

Three scientists in a lab, shown in a black and white photo

Supported by several NIH research-training grants, Division of Science graduate students learn to explore without boundaries.

An illustration of a broken world and a person applying bandages

Alumni, students, and faculty reflect on how the phrase inspires them to make the world a better place.

Crossword grid

How is your Brandeis knowledge? Test it with this Brandeis crossword puzzle created by Evan Mahnken ’19.

Vintage blue and red Brandeis Admissions Volunteer pins

Brandeis Magazine

A brief Brandeis history, told by tchotchkes, artifacts, documents, and bricks and mortar.

Colorful collage of illustrations

Brandeis Magazine

Nine faculty members peer into the future to consider the issues their fields will be grappling with when the university turns 100.

Two people working at a computer

For decades, the student-run Waltham Group has overseen community-service programs that assist others in myriad ways — and enrich volunteers’ lives.

Collage of athletics photos

Brandeis Magazine

The Judges strike a well-reasoned balance between athletics and academics.

Group of people smiling

The Lurie Undergraduate Fellowship offers opportunity to learn policy and create community.