Brandeis at 75


Black and white photo of people seated on the grass, one with a guitar

By Dan Holmes and Gaelen Morse

Step through time as we share moments from Brandeis’ past and present in our summer photo essay.

Pop art painting by Roy Lichtenstein showing woman speaking to downcast man.

By Sarah Church Baldwin

In which Brandeis is revealed to be much greater than the sum of its parts.

Colorful collage of illustrations

Hazarding a few bold guesses, Brandeis faculty forecast what their field will look like in 25 years.

A woman works in a lab

The Brandeis method of creating science superstars is exquisitely simple: Attract great talent, nurture raw curiosity, provide keen mentorship, and cheer pioneering advances.

A group of people smile for the camera

By Karen Shih

Lurie Undergraduate Fellowship offers opportunity to learn policy, create community.

Current photo of small wheel

By Jarret Bencks

Brandeis’ high-energy physics group helped discover the Higgs boson, setting the stage for a major new wave of exploration.

Brandeis Innovation Showcase

By Rebecca Menapace

A results-oriented center helps Brandeis researchers turn their discoveries into successful business ventures.

Archival photo of three scientists in a lab

By Abigail Arnold

Supported by several NIH research-training grants, Division of Science graduate students learn to explore without boundaries.

Lawrence Wien, Abram Sachar, John F. Kennedy, and Wakako Kimoto Hironaka, MA’64, pose for a photo.

By Julie Jette

Wien Scholarships give international scholars access to a Brandeis education — and encourage all students to see themselves as global citizens.

Pauli Murray

By Jarret Bencks

Seventeen years before the Woolworth lunch counter sit-ins, Pauli Murray helped organize a sit-in that desegregated a restaurant in Washington, DC.

Black and white image of people playing croquet

This exhibit displays furniture and objects from the home of Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis. It was there, in Chatham, Massachusetts, that Justice Brandeis spent summers with his beloved wife, their daughters, and their grandchildren.

An illustration of a broken world and a person applying bandages

By Lawrence Goodman

The phrase "repairing the world" lies at the heart of what Brandeis is all about.

Black and white photo of Diana dressed in her Brandeis Cheerleader uniform

By Diana Siegel ’52

A pioneer alumna recalls life on Brandeis’ brand new campus.

Members of the community on horseback herd cattle in the pasture.

By Ron and Jessica Liebowitz

Founded in 1937 by the American wing of the HaShomer HaTzair Zionist youth movement, Kibbutz Ein HaShofetwas named “The Eye of the Judge” after Justice Brandeis — and became the first Kibbutz in Israel founded by Americans.

People in a library on a computer shown in color

By Kennedy Ryan

For decades, the student-run Waltham Group has overseen community-service programs that assist others in myriad ways — and enrich volunteers’ lives.

Collage of four athletics photos

By Ted Reinstein ’85, GSAS MFA’87

The Judges strike a well-reasoned balance between athletics and academics.

Crossword puzzle grid

Test your Brandeis knowledge with this crossword puzzle created by Evan Mahnken ’19.