Brandeis at 75

Then, Now, and Next

Lawrence Wien, Abram Sachar, John F. Kennedy, and Wakako Kimoto Hironaka, MA’64, pose for a photo.

By Julie Jette

Wien Scholarships give international scholars access to a Brandeis education — and encourage all students to see themselves as global citizens.

People in a library on a computer shown in color

By Kennedy Ryan

For decades, the student-run Waltham Group has overseen community-service programs that assist others in myriad ways — and enrich volunteers’ lives.

Current photo of small wheel

By Jarret Bencks

Brandeis’ high-energy physics group helped discover the Higgs boson, setting the stage for a major new wave of exploration.

Archival photo of three people in a lab

By Abigail Arnold

Supported by several NIH research-training grants, Division of Science graduate students learn to explore without boundaries.

Brandeis Innovation Showcase

By Rebecca Menapace

A results-oriented center helps Brandeis researchers turn their discoveries into successful business ventures.

A group of people smile for the camera

By Karen Shih

Lurie Undergraduate Fellowship offers opportunity to learn policy, create community.