Brandeis at 75

75th Photo Essay

Photography by Daniel Holmes and Gaelen Morse

A student plays the trombone.
A student gives a tour of campus.
A parent, student, and family members laugh together.
Michael Sandel speaks during a panel discussion.
Dorothee Kern speaks during a panel discussion.
Chad Williams speaks during a panel discussion.
Audience members listen to a panel discussion.
fill in
Students perform on stage.
Feet are seen tap dancing.
Three people walk passed a statue of Louis Brandeis
People stand on a stage and raise glasses for a toast.
Students sing and perform on stage.
People walk with tote bags along a path.
Two people with pom pom dance.
Students decorate pumpkins.
Two parents and two children look at the sky with protective eclipse glasses.
Students dance on stage.
People walk away from camera beside a building