Call Tag

What is it?

  • The call tag is a special service request to monitor the safe transfer of ownership for internal mail items on campus.

Who can use the service?

  • The service is open to all faculty and staff members at Brandeis University.

Is there a fee?

  • The special service request is free.

How do I request a call tag? Follow these instructions.

  1. Call the mail center 781-736-4236 or send an email to requesting a call tag.
  2. Provide name, mailstop and description of item to be transported via internal mail on campus.
  3. Provide time and date for the items to be transported.
  4. Provide any other notations for the item.
  5. The mail center will send an email with a tracking number assigned to the request.

What happens next?

  • The mail center delivery/pickup driver will arrive with a preprinted label to be affixed to the special service request item(s).
  • The item is returned to the mail center and processed for delivery to final destination on the next delivery schedule. Click here to see the campus delivery schedule.

Will I know when the item is delivered?

  • The mail center will provide a delivery confirmation upon request.  Click here to see a delivery confirmation.

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