A researcher wearing blue gloves and safety goggles pours a clear liquid into a test tube


Collaborate, discover, explore

Inquiry, scholarship, collaboration and a passion to improve human lives are the building blocks of our DNA. That’s why Brandeis is one of just 71 members of the Association of American Universities, an organization of elite research institutions in North America.

A student presents their research at SciFest.

Undergraduate Research

At Brandeis, undergraduates have the chance to work alongside faculty researchers, even a Nobel laureate. They also lead their own research projects and have co-authored hundreds of peer-reviewed research articles in scientific journals. The Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations Office helps students find topics, mentors, and funding for original research or creative projects.

A Brandeis graduate student researcher sits in a motorized chair used to test how humans react to changes in motion and orientation in space.

Graduate Research

If advanced study is part of your plan, here’s how we do it: through small classes, faculty mentorship, and close collaboration with fellow students and professors. Our graduate schools offer scholarships, grants, fellowships and internships, as well as lifetime career support.

Professor Maria de Boef Miara works with students in a biology lab.

Faculty Research

Our world-renowned faculty bring their passion for teaching and mentoring into the university’s labs and research facilities, working side-by-side with students to cure disease, improve human health, build sustainable communities, and solve myriad social problems.

Two students dressed in lab coats work in a lab.

Research Resources

Transformative discoveries and inventions are born every year at Brandeis. The Office of the Vice Provost for Research and the Office of Research Administration provide support, methods and tools to help make this possible.

Shapiro Science Center

Centers and Institutes

At Brandeis, we ask questions from the profound to the practical. Our centers and institutes are dedicated to addressing many of the most pressing issues affecting society today.