Service Clubs

Brandeis University is rich in volunteer opportunities of all kinds! There is truly something for every passion, skill set and schedule. With so many options, where do you begin finding the opportunity that’s right for you? Read on and see what opportunities await you!

Alternative Breaks are student-led community engagement programs that promote student leadership, equality, ethical volunteering, and social justice. These programs aim to equip students with the tools, resources, and experience to be effective leaders and allies within their local and global communities. Student groups partner with local and global initiatives on a variety of social justice issues, from access to medical care to housing inequity. Participants learn from and engage with communities near and far, while building knowledge and skills that will inform their futures.

BEMCo is Brandeis University's emergency medical first response service. Members are Massachusetts State certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Through programs that include hands-on learning, mentorship and leadership opportunities, Be WiSE works to increase self-confidence and literacy in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) of K-12 girls.

The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII—pronounced “Tree”) is an immigration nonprofit and the first of its kind to apply the law school clinic model to the undergraduate level. By training undergraduate students so they can become DOJ accredited representatives, TRII aims to make sure no one must face the immigration process alone.

This collaboration among Brandeis students, faculty and staff is dedicated to eliminating cancer by supporting American Cancer Society programs.

ESS engages, inspires and involves the entire community in a love of learning. The group organizes unique classes, facilitates discussions and creates events, such as Deis Talks and Splash, that make knowledge easily accessible to members of the community.

Through this program, students tutor Brandeis employees in English. Tutors do not need to have any background in teaching English, nor do they need to speak another language.

This club maintains a rooftop community farm on campus and does outreach programs in the Greater Waltham community.

This club seeks to decrease hunger and fight food waste by donating surplus unsold food from Brandeis dining operations and serving as an informational resource to the Brandeis community on food recovery, waste management and food inequalities.

The purpose of the Brandeis chapter is to raise money for FIMRC's international efforts, perform community service projects abroad, serve the community as an informational resource in areas such as international relief and children's aid, and give students opportunities to learn.

Each year Brandeis sends three teams to Honduras, where each team spends the February break working on projects in one of three focus areas—medicine, public health and microfinance—as well as learning the many intricacies of Honduran and Latin American culture.

With a focus on advancing the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association, this group provides volunteer opportunities, research updates and advocacy initiatives for members of the Brandeis community.

The Waltham Group, founded in 1966, is a volunteer community service organization. Hundreds of student volunteers participate in outreach programs on campus and throughout the greater Waltham and Boston communities. Through its tutorial, recreational, mentoring and other programs, the Waltham Group responds to the needs of children and adults in the community and is a center for service and advocacy. The Waltham Group provides students with a meaningful volunteer and educational experience that reaches beyond the university classroom.

YourStory International (YSI) is an innovative non-profit organization tasked with providing critical primary healthcare resources to disadvantaged populations within the Greater Leogane-area in Ouest, Haiti. YSI challenges traditional models of international aid and development by empowering local communities to define and meet their own development goals, while simultaneously incorporating the perspectives of community members into a progressive model for primary healthcare service delivery that is both culturally-informed and evidence-based. Crucially, YSI views the provision of healthcare resources as a symbiotic partnership, whereby American practitioners and undergraduate students receive crucial clinical experiences and engage in the cultural exchange, and Haitian nationals largely design, implement, and are benefitted by the provision of these services. Furthermore, YSI seeks to cultivate a permanent and reliable presence in the communities that it serves. Because of this, our organization represents an opportunity for sustained, and sustainable, intercultural exchanges of skills and customs, as well as a stable and high-yield source of experience for Brandeis University undergraduates.