Founded in 2023 in response to surging antisemitism on American campuses, the Brandeis University Presidential Initiative to Counter Antisemitism in Higher Education honors Brandeis’ distinct responsibility to the Jewish community and to the ideals of higher education.

Brandeis, as a research institution, is uniquely situated to examine issues of antisemitism on campus and to develop data-driven responses. We are committed to enhancing understanding of antisemitism in all of its manifestations and to emboldening leaders to challenge antisemitism on their campuses.

We endeavor to:

  • convene and support university leaders in common cause,
  • raise awareness and sensitivity of antisemitism in higher education,
  • partner with expert researchers and practitioners to enhance understanding,
  • provide tools and resources for data-driven, action-focused practices,
  • create communities of practice to share innovations and network with colleagues,
  • share insights with educational leaders of middle and high schools.