Contact Information

Michael Hagan
Abelson 350
(781) 736-2845



Principal Investigator

Michael Hagan

Graduate Students

Farzaneh Mohajerani

Matthew Peterson

Chaitanya Joshi

Lev Tsidilkovski

Postdoctoral Fellows

Mike Norton

Surendra (Walter) Singaram

Botond Tyukodi


Abhijit Ghosh
Current: Data Scientist, Holmusk, Singapore

Arvind Baskaran

Raghunath Chelakkot
Current: Professor of Physics, IIT Bombay

Oren Elrad
Current Position: Apple Computer

Yaouen Fily
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Physics, Honors College at Florida State University

Arvind Gopinath
Current: Assistant Professor, UC Merced

Abhijeet Joshi
Current: Postdoc at Lehigh University

Aleksandr Kivenson
Current Position: Software Developer, Schrodinger, NY, NY

Guillermo R. Lázaro
Current Position: Data Scientist at AIA / Barcelona

Kang Liu
Current: Applied Data Scientist, Wolters Kluwer Health

Qing Lu

Dina Mirijanian
Current: Research Scientist for the NYPD

Stefan Paquay

Sudhir Pathak

Matthew Perkett
Current Position: Global Bioinformatics Manager, Horizon Discovery

Jason Perlmutter
Current: Clinton Campaign, NYC

Cong Qiao
Current: Two Sigma, NYC

Gabe Redner
Current: Google, Cambridge, MA

Current Position: Postdoc, Chandra Research Institute,Chattnag Road, Jhusi, Allahabad 211 019, India.

Yasheng Yang
Current: Google, Cambridge, MA

Naiyin Yu
Current: Operations Analyst for YES Writing