ENACT is now accepting applications for the second cohort of Faculty Fellows! Applications due December 1, 2017. For details and the online application click here.

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ENACT Courses

In ENACT courses students will learn about participating the legislative and advocacy process at the state level, with a substantial hands-on component in which they engage directly in that process.

ENACT courses can take many forms, depending on the expertise of the faculty member, the composition of the student body, and the nature of access to the state capital. The “Advocacy for Policy Change” course at Brandeis University offers one model, but ENACT fellows will be encouraged to bring their own creativity and innovation to their own offerings.

An ENACT course may be a new course, a supplement to an existing course, or an adaptation of or enhancement to an existing course.

Required Components of ENACT Courses

  • Credit-bearing
  • Undergraduate students are the majority of the course enrollment
  • Not restricted to honors program or any other track
  • In-person work with state house and community organizations is a substantial component of the course.
  • Experiential (even if it does not fit school-based definitions for experiential or internship credit).
  • Includes participation in online component/national network by professor, assistant teachers, and by students