International Advisory Board


International Advisory Board Members at the 2018 Annual Meeting

The distinguished leaders and activists who comprise the Advisory Board are charged with shaping the Center’s work. Representing politics, law, scholarship, activism, the arts, and other fields, the board members' extraordinary diversity of experience provides the Center a unique opportunity to develop ideas that cross usual professional and disciplinary boundaries. The inaugural meeting was March 7, 2000. The Board meets formally on an annual basis.

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John Shattuck Professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Boston
Founding Chair
Theodore C. Sorensen (1928-2010) Distinguished Lawyer, Author, John F. Kennedy Advisor and Speechwriter New York
Jules Bernstein '57 Labor Lawyer Washington D.C.
Mark Friedman Medical Director for Boston Health Economics Massachusetts
Germaine Ingram Cultural strategist, performance artist, and vocal/dance improviser Pennsylvania
Jay Kaufman ’68, MA ’73 Founding Director of Beacon Leadership Collaborative, former Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives Massachusetts
Jamie F. Metzl Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council New York
Ángela María Pérez Mejía Chief Cultural Manager of Banco de la República Colombia
Elaine Reuben '63 Former activist academic, engaged philanthropist Washington D.C.
Norbert Weissberg Chairman, Package Research Laboratory LLC and Stapling Machines Company LLC New York