Reflections: 20 Years of Sorensen Fellows

Kelsey Grab '12
2010 Sorensen Fellow
Bapagrama School
Bangalore, India

Read Kelsey's 2010 Sorensen Fellow essay here.


Kelsey’s experience teaching in India during her Sorenson Fellowship in 2010 inspired a lifetime of dedication to education and supporting diversity and inclusion in and outside the classroom.

Dgraburing her fellowship, the Boston Marathon bombing happened back home. This became an opportunity for a meaningful cultural exchange, where her students wrote “love letters” to Boston which were eventually displayed in Boston’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Clinic.

grabHer work was later recognized by the U.S. Embassy and John Kerry during his visit to Malaysia, and later, President Barack Obama during a speech he gave in Malaysia about building partnerships across cultures.

grab“These photos are from a mural designed by my students in Malaysia, and a photograph of part of a larger acrylic painting of mine titled, “Kenangan,” meaning “remembrance” in Indonesian,” Grab reflects.

grabHer experiences in India and South Asia inspired her senior thesis and continues to give her rich memories and fuel her creativity. Following graduation from Brandeis, she taught English on a Fulbright Fellowship in rural Malaysia.

grabShe has continued along this trajectory as an Undergraduate Education and Outreach Coordinator at Harvard’s Office for Sustainability since June 2014, where she strategic tools and programming to improve student leadership development and learning.

Grab is also completing her Master’s in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in International Education, Diversity, and Diplomacy. She plans to move to the Pacific Northwest to further pursue her professional interests in education.