Reflections: 20 Years of Sorensen Fellows

Madeleine Stix '12
2010 Sorensen Fellow
Zabaleen Community
Cairo, Egypt

Read Madeleine's 2010 Sorensen Fellow essay here.


In 2010, Madeleine traveled to Cairo, Egypt to work with a Coptic Christian recycling community there called the Zabaleen for her Sorensen Fellowship. She worked with a filmmaker who had previously made a documentary film called, “Garbage Dreams,” which documented the story of three boys who lived in the community. Madeleine’s job was to find locations to screen the documentary in Cairo as well as work with members of the community to teach large organizations in Cairo about how to start their own recycling programs.

stixThe Sorensen Fellowship was “one of the best experiences” of her life.  Stix recalls, “Being placed in a hard to navigate mega-city with a big language barrier taught me about how to be patient and observant, tools I use every day in my current job.” She also learned writing skills in the post-fellowship writing workshop that she applies every day in her editing and writing.

Madeleine travels around the country as a video producer, shooting, editing, and producing stories for She documents evocative stories ranging in subject matter—from a pregnant mother’s overcoming the grips of opiates to the struggles of a mother trying to get justice for her son who was shot and killed in a police-involved shooting.

Stix currently lives in New York City.