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Recommended Books From the Year (December 2018)

Recommended Books From the Year (December 2017)

Recommended Books From the Year (December 2016)

The Ethics of Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome: Is Knowing Always Better? (June 2015)

The Responsibility to Protect at 10 (March 2015)

2014 Year in Review (January 2015)

Recommended Books From the Year (December 2014)

The Ethics of Military Intervention Abroad: When, If Ever, Is It Justified? (October 2014)

Exploring the Ethics of Solitary Confinement (August 2014)

The Ethics of Sanctions (March 2014)

2013 Year in Review (January 2014)

Recommended Books From the Year (December 2013)

The Ethics of Corporate Social Responsibility (November 2013)

What are the Ethics of Hate Crimes Legislation? (September 2013)

The Ethics of Legalizing Medical Marijuana (July 2013)

Helping or Hurting? The Ethics of Voluntourism (May 2013)

The Ethics of Outsourcing Labor (April 2013)

The Ethics of International Aid: Who Should Direct International Aid Efforts? (March 2013)

Is Food Security a Human Right? And If So, Who is Responsible for It? (February 2013)

2012: Year in Review (January 2013)

Recommended Books From the Year (December 2012)

Revolution: Right or Wrong? (November 2012)

Should Developing Nations Be Held to the Same Environmental Standards as Already Developed Nations? (October 2012)

Should Peacebuilders Encourage Oppressed People to Empathize with their Oppressors? (September 2012)

The Ethics of Digital Photo Manipulation: Alterations in Pursuit of "Beauty" (August 2012)

The Ethics of HIV Criminalization (July 2012)

The Ethics of Title IX – Forty Years On (June 2012)

The Ethics of Gender-Segregated Bathrooms (May 2012)

The Ethics of Advocacy: KONY 2012 (April 2012)

Do Undocumented Immigrants Have a Right to Healthcare? (March 2012)

How Should I Choose My Commitments to Causes? (February 2012)

The Ethics of Revenge (January 2012)

Recommended Books From the Year (December 2011)

Seeking Justice After War Crimes, Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity: Which Approach? (November 2011)

Exploring the Ethics of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing (October 2011)

What are the Ethics of Tourism? (September 2011)

Should Every Worker Have Paid Sick Leave? The Ethics of Employee Benefits and Rights (August 2011)

Is There a "Right to Die?" Philosophical, Religious, Legal and Medical Viewpoints (July 2011)

Is Affirmative Action in College Admissions Ethical? (June 2011)

Is "Ethnic Modification" Surgery Ethical? (May 2011)

Ethical Dimensions of Taxes: Who should pay how much for what? (April 2011)

War and Peace: Dilemmas Facing Contemporary Religious Leaders (March 2011)

Is the release of U.S. diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks ethical? (February 2011)

Is it ethical for parents to opt out of immunizing their children? (January 2011)

Recommended Books From the Year (December 2010)

Debating “Judicial Activism” – How Far Should Judges Go? (November 2010)

Is capital punishment ethical? (October 2010)

Is it ethical to conduct medical trials among poor and uneducated populations in developing countries? (September 2010)

Arts Education: a Luxury, Essential, or a Means to an End? (August 2010)

Normalization of Testing for HIV: Should Everyone Be Tested? (June 2010)

Shades of Green? The Ethical Dimensions of Cape Wind (May 2010)

Should Undocumented Students be Eligible for In-State Tuition Rates? (April 2010)

Is it Ethical to Use Robots in War? (March 2010)

Who Bears Responsibility for the Environment? (February 2010)

Is it Ethical to Eat Animals? (January 2010)

Recommended Books From the Year (December 2009)

Is There a Responsibility to Protect? (November 2009)

Proportionality in the Context of Armed Conflict (October 2009)

Does New Technology Require a New Ethics? (September 2009)

Should Identity Affect Legal Decisions? (July 2009)

Is Torture Ever Justifiable? (June 2009)

Ethical Inquiry

International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life

In this regular online series, we call attention to a wide range of issues with implications that may be personal, political, even global. We highlight a broad array of opinions from journalism, academia, and advocacy organizations. Our intent is to illuminate and explore the complexity of some of the most vexing ethical questions of our time. We invite you to join us in "Ethical Inquiry."

Series Editor: David J. Weinstein

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