Publications in International Justice

Below is an alphabetical list of the Center's publications that address international justice. In addition, the Programs in International Justice and Society has prepared a Brandeis library research guide to international justice, which offers an overview of the field. 

BIIJ: The Brandeis Institute for International Judges - Institute Reports

ALSO AVAILABLE: Judicial Dialogue in Action: International Judges Reflect: Key sections of BIIJ reports are now available as PDFs.

Both Sides of the Bench: New Perspectives on International Law and Human Rights (84 pages)
A report highlighting the work of the 2001-03 Brandeis International Fellows (BIF) in Human Rights, Intervention, and International Law. The report also documents the themes raised in the related symposium, entitled "Both sides of the Bench," held April 1-3, 2003, at Brandeis University.

The Challenges of International Criminal Justice (34 pages)
A report summarizing the proceedings of the Colloquium for Prosecutors of International Criminal Tribunals hosted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), from November 25 to 27, 2004, in Arusha, Tanzania. Leigh Swigart, director of programs in international justice and society, served as an observer at the Colloquium, and the Center edited the subsequent report.

The International Judge, Daniel Terris, Cesare Romano, Leigh Swigart, 2007.
Based on interviews with more than 30 international judges, this book is the first comprehensive portrait of the men and women in this new global profession. To view a webcast of a panel discussion on the book at the Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs, click here. To listen to a discussion of the book at the American Society of International Law, click here.

Justice Across Cultures
Four presentations from the March 2004 conference exploring issues that arise when systems of justice encounter cultural difference.

  From the panel "Restorative Justice: Reconciliation, Reparations, and Forgiveness":
  From the panel "Intersections of International and Domestic Justice":

The Legacy of International Criminal Courts and Tribunals in Africa, with a focus on the jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
A report of the proceedings of a symposium held in Arusha, Tanzania in November 2007. The International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life was an organizing partner in this International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda event and edited the report.

The North American Judicial Colloquium
A report on the North American Judicial Colloquium, which in November 2008 brought together U.S. and Canadian judges with international judges to weigh the influence of international law on domestic courts.

The South American Judicial Colloquium
A complete report in Spanish and a summary in English for the South American Judicial Colloquium, organized in 2009 around the theme El Valor del Derecho Internacional respecto de los Sistemas Legales Nacionales ("The Value of International Law for National Legal Systems"). Twenty judges from eight South American countries came together with international judges and legal experts to discuss a number of pertinent topics, including the role of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the region, the use of international law and treaties in national courts, and what the "complementarity principle" of the International Criminal Court implies for national legal systems.

The West African Judicial Colloquia
A report on two colloquia, in Dakar in 2006 and in Accra in 2007, during which international judges joined their national counterparts from around the West African region for dialogue about the increasing interconnections that exist between international and national justice. Cliquez ici pour lire la version française du rapport sur les Colloques ouest africains sur la justice, tenus à Dakar (2006) et à Accra (2007)