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Summer/Fall 2009

  • summerfall2009newsletterFrom the Director - "A Decent Respect," a look into the public scrutiny of Judge Sonia Sotomayor and her openness to the influence of international law
  • Student fellowship program is renamed to honor Ted Sorensen for his ten years as founding chairman of the Center's international advisory board
  • Cynthia Cohen, executive director of the Slifka Program, speaks at the UN about arts and reconciliation
  • The Center's third Distinguished Visiting Practitioner discusses the delicate balance between human rights and public health in the battle against AIDS
  • The Brandeis Institute for International Judges takes place in Trinidad
  • Coexistence International's John Moore travels through remote regions of Nigeria to observe a training session on interfaith conflict resolution
  • Highlights of recent events, including a talk about Guantanamo detainees by Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights and Ethics Center board member
  • Richard Goldstone, former chief prosecutor of the UN Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, steps up to chair of the Center's advisory board, and Martha Minow, dean of Harvard Law School, becomes a board member
  • The first Distinguished Lecture in International Justice and Human Rights will be delivered November 30, 2009 by Justice Hassan Bubacar Jallow, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
  • New publications: a report on the North American Judicial Colloquium, and a Coexistence International "Country Study" on Ghana

Winter/Spring 2009

  • winterspring2009newsletterFrom the Director - "A Counselor's Wisdom," a tribute to Theodore C. Sorensen, who is stepping down as chairman of the Ethics Center's advisory board
  • The Center hosts the North American Judicial Colloquium, bringing together judges from U.S., Canadian, and international courts, with a keynote speech by Louise Arbour
  • The Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict holds a conference examining the coexistence field
  • An excerpt from a Coexistence International publication on coexistence and human rights
  • Coexistence International helps organize a workshop in Ghana on "Democracy, Conflict, and Coexistence in West Africa"
  • Highlights of recent events, including a conference on gender justice in Africa
  • The Center will host epidemiologist Brian Williams as its third annual Distinguished Visiting Practitioner
  • The Slifka Program debuts a trailer for the documentary Acting Together on the World Stage
  • New publications: a report on the West African Judicial Colloquia, and Ethics Center Student Fellows and other students write about their internship experiences

Spring 2008

  • spring2008newsletterFrom the Director - "An End to Unilateralism," a call for the next administration to embrace international law
  • The Center celebrates its 10th anniversary, featuring a keynote address by Judge Thomas Buergenthal of the International Court of Justice
  • The new book The International Judge: An Introduction to the Men and Women Who Decide the World's Cases is the focus of a roundtable discussion
  • William Haglund is the Center's second annual Distinguished Visiting Practitioner
  • The Center hosts the 2nd West African Judicial Colloquium
  • The Ethics Center Student Fellowship program marks 10 years of student engagement
  • The 2008 Ethics Center Student Fellows are announced
  • A new dual Master's Degree in Development and Coexistence is launched
  • New publications: a report on BIIJ 2007, a report on the "Pieces of the Coexistence Puzzle" conference, and a special anniversary publication exploring 10 years of the Center's history

Fall 2007

  • From the Director - "After 10 Years, Taking Stock" an invitation for feedback on the work of the Center
  • The International Judge: An Introduction to the Men and Women Who Decide the World's Cases is released
  • "Acting Together on the World Stage" event features international theatre artists and peacebuilding experts
  • An excerpt from Complementary Approaches to Coexistence Work
  • Brandeis Institute for International Judges weighs 'Independence and Interdependence'
  • Center director named associate VP for Global Affairs
  • Ethics Center welcomes new staff
  • New students begin the Master of Arts in Coexistence and Conflict
  • Brandeis students produce a new online anthology

Spring 2007

  • From the Director - "After Carter," a reflection on the campus visits by former President Jimmy Carter and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz
  • Saving Species, Saving Lives: Balancing Biodiversity and Human Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Pieces of the Coexistence Puzzle: Democracy, Human Rights, Gender and Development
  • Announcing two online publications: Recasting Reconciliation through Culture and the Arts and Telling the Story
  • Student Profiles: Andrew Ginsberg and Moussokoro Kané, two students in the Slifka Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict
  • Welcome Barbara Strauss '02 to the Ethics Center staff
  • Coming Soon: The International Judge: An Introduction to the Men and Women Who Decide the World's Cases
  • Master's Students Visit Peacebuilding Agencies in NYC and Washington

Fall 2006

  • From the Director - "Re-inventing Decency," a plea for the right response at the right moment
  • 9/11: Brandeis Reflections Five Years Later
  • New International Advisory Board Members
  • Welcome Theodore A. Johnson and Stephanie Gerber Wilson to the Ethics Center staff
  • Know Your Rights!, a collaborative project with the West African Research Center/Association and the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights
  • The Al-Quds/Brandeis partnership continues to expand
  • Patterns of Conflict, Paths to Peace: Coexistence International at the International Peace Research Association's biennial conference
  • The Slifka Program teams with MusicUnitesUS for a new Intercultural Residency Series

Spring 2006

  • From the Director - "International Law Cannot Stand Alone," a defense of international courts and tribunals and their place in bringing about peace
  • New International Advisory Board Members Selected
  • "The Long View" - a Board event focusing on impending world problems
  • Brandeis Institute for International Judges 2006 - Dakar, Senegal
  • West African Judicial Colloquium - Dakar, Senegal
  • The Human Barometer Exercise

Fall 2005

  • From the Director - "The Struggle for Equality Hits Home," a look at the lessons of Hurricane Katrina
  • First Slifka Fellow Selected
  • Partnership between Brandeis and Al-Quds University in Jerusalem is Launched
  • Telling the Story: Power and Responsibility in Documenting Human Rights, a Two-Day Conference
  • Creative Approaches to Coexistence and Reconciliation: A Playwright Collaboration
  • A Perspective from Nablus

Spring 2005

  • From the Director - Ethics at Work: Why Tough Program Leaders Need Tough Programs
  • The Center Welcomes New Advisory Board Members
  • The Newcomers Among Us: The Experiences of Haitians Who Have Made Boston Their New Home
  • Local Action/Global Impact: An Interactive Forum
  • Faith in Action - From Brandeis to Nicaragua, From Boston to Sudan
  • International Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict Launched in March
  • Remembering Ingrid Muan

Fall 2004

  • Slifka Master's Program Opens with 13 Students
  • The Coexistence Initiative (TCI) Joins the Center
  • BIIJ Spotlight: Human Dignity as a Human Right (BIIJ)
  • Complementarity and Cooperation: International Courts in a Diverse World (BIIJ)
  • From the Director
  • Local Action/Global Impact

Spring 2004

  • Justice Across Cultures
  • From the Director: Legacies of Leadership
  • BIF & ECSF Presentations (BIF & ECSF)
  • Literary Responses to Mass Violence
  • Newcomers Among Us
  • "Fellows" Collaborate (BIF & ECSF)
  • 2004 Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows (ECSF)
  • Center Board Meets Students

Fall 2003

  • Announcing a New Master's Degree Program in Coexistence and Conflict
  • From the Director: The Art of the Unspeakable
  • Brandeis International Fellows 2003 (BIF)
  • Brandeis Institute for International Judges (BIIJ)
  • Tribute to Theodore Sorensen
  • New Staff and Advisory Board Members
  • 2003 Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows (ECSF)

Spring 2003

  • Mari Fitzduff Appointed Director of the Master's Program in the Program in Intercommunal Coexistence
  • New Round of Brandeis International Fellows (BIF)
  • South African Art
  • From the Director: Towards a Robust Ideal of Peace
  • International Law and Human Rights Symposium
  • Refugee and Resettlement Seminar
  • 2003 Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows (ECSF)

Fall 2002

  • Inaugural Session of the Brandeis Institute for International Judges (BIIJ)
  • Reflections on the International Rule of Law
  • From the Director: On Acting Alone
  • Five Years of Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows (ECSF)
  • Choreography of Conflict
  • New Chair in Ethics
  • Brandeis in the Berkshires

Spring 2002

  • Brandeis Institute for International Judges (BIIJ)
  • Humanities and the Professions
  • Human Rights and September 11
  • September 11 Course Offering and Lecture Series
  • 2002 Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows (ECSF)
  • Brandeis International Fellows Institutes (BIF)

Fall 2001

  • From the Director: We Will Be Tested
  • Guidebook for Peacebuilders
  • Global Partners in Education
  • International Documentary Film Series
  • 2001 Ethics and Coexistence Fellows (ECSF)
  • Brandeis International Fellows 2001-2003 (BIF)
  • CHYME (formally Middle East Youth Leaders Exchange)

Spring 2001

  • Visiting Chinese Scholar
  • 2001 Ethics & Coexistence Fellows (ECSF)
  • Seminars in Humanities and Professions
  • Middle East Student Retreat
  • Seeger/Sapp Residency
  • Catholics, Jews, and the Prism of Conscience
  • The Lessons of Kosovo
  • Global Education Partnerships

Winter 2000-01

  • New Chair in Ethics
  • Undergraduate Student Fellows Share their Experiences Abroad
  • Speak Truth to Power
  • Juvenile Justice at the Crossroads
  • Power Relations and Group Dynamics
  • Coexistence Initiative Update
  • Brandeis International Fellows Return (BIF)

Spring 2000

  • Undergraduates Head Abroad (ECSF)
  • Coexistence Initiative Update
  • The Kosovo Interventions: Two Perspectives
  • Doing Justice and Loving Mercy
  • The Japanese American Internment
  • Empathy with "Apartheid's Crusader"
  • A New Public Education

Fall 1999

  • Theodore C. Sorensen to Chair Center's Board
  • Rice Family foundation Funds Brandeis International Fellowships
  • Michael Ignatieff
  • 1998 Fellow Continues Work on Groups in Conflict
  • Coexistence and Community Building at Brandeis University and in the World
  • Social Anthropologist Joins the Center as Visiting Scholar
  • Reflections on 1999, Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows
  • Human Rights and Conflict Resolution: Reconciling Two Approaches to Coexistence
  • Doing Justice and Loving Mercy
  • Spring 2000 Courses Feature South Africa TRC Member

Summer 1999

  • New Initiative in Intercommunal Coexistence at Brandeis
  • Fulbright Scholarship and USA Today Awards for Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows
  • News of Brandeis International Fellows
  • Pilot "Education Partnership" Begins in Grenada
  • Goldstone Speaks on "Crimes Against Humanity: How Should They Be Judged?"
  • Coexistence Program Director Heads to Belfast
  • New Grant Funds Seminars on Juvenile Justice

Winter 1999

  • Human Rights Symposium
  • "Exposition:" A Showcase of Student Fellows' and International Fellows' Work
  • Partnerships in Israel
  • Ethics Center Student Fellows 1998 and 1999 (ECSF)
  • Brandeis International Fellows
  • Abraham Feinberg, Founder 1908-1998
  • Science Fiction Texts for Judges in Brandeis Seminars
  • Ethics Center New Location
  • Curriculum Project

Summer 1997

  • Welcome
  • Coexistence Student Fellowships
  • Brandeis Seminars in Humanities and the Professions
  • Brandeis International Fellowships in Coexistence
  • Palestinian Scholar and Activist to Be the Center's First "Distinguished Visitor"