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The Bloomberg Business and Economics Lab

The Bloomberg Business and Economics Lab

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The Bloomberg Lab at Brandeis International Business School gives students access to a world-renowned financial, regulatory and market database that's used by virtually all of the major financial firms and organizations around the globe.

One of the largest Bloomberg Labs in greater Boston

Brandeis International Business School has 11 Bloomberg Terminals in the lab and five in classrooms.

Available to members of the Brandeis community

The Bloomberg Lab is often used by faculty for coursework and classroom learning.

Program workshops

Faculty and staff host workshops on Excel, MATLAB, Stata and other programs to provide students with extensive experience with global financial modeling.

Using Bloomberg resources, students are able to store, crunch and analyze information about a comprehensive list of companies. For careers in professional mutual funds, hedge funds, private partnerships, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, exposure to Bloomberg software is an absolute prerequisite.


The lab provides a bridge to the workplace, allowing students to gain hands-on experience and put theory into practice. Each computer has a dual monitor with extensive software offerings, including:


Bloomberg is the indispensable financial information source. It is an aggregator of information on active equities, fixed income securities, foreign exchange, derivatives, commodities and more for business and finance professionals. The extensive data resources encompass more than 129 countries and 250 exchanges derived from global economic releases and well-known, reputable sources.

In keeping with investors' evolving strategies and philosophies, Bloomberg offers unique data, such as company Environmental, Sustainable and Governance (ESG) scores.

Bloomberg offers insights from its own internal analysts on companies and industries, along with ratings from external analysts. Additionally, it provides market news from Bloomberg journalists, external media, and web sources.

Capital IQ

Capital IQ provides access to easy-to-view comparable company financials over time, from the most recent annual filing back more than a decade.

Compustat (CRSP/Compustat Merged)

Compustat lists stock prices from 1926 to present, and company financials from 1954 to present.

Eikon Datastream

Datastream is a historical economic and time series data retrieval service. This financial database provides a range of charting and reporting tools that enable users to manipulate and display, or simply download, data. Includes worldwide equity coverage, fixed income securities,  commodities and derivatives data, plus economic data direct from national government sources as well as the OECD and IMF.


FactSet provides access to data and analytics on global financial and economic markets and companies, including financial data on public and private companies and historical financial metrics for more than 70 countries. FactSet is for academic, noncommercial use by Brandeis University students and faculty. You must register for an individual account. Learn more. 

Mergent Intellect

Mergent Intellect offers access to private and public U.S and international business data, industry news, facts and figures, executive contact information, and access to industry profiles.

Mintel Oxygen

Mintel Oxygen covers 14 different b2c (business-to-consumer) markets examining consumer attitudes and behaviors, why consumers buy one product over another and what influences them to make those decisions. It also provides estimates of market size and market segmentation, and analysis of the past five years and forecasts for the next five years.


Morningstar provides investors with information on over 6,000 stocks, 20,000 mutual funds and over 150 Exchange Traded Funds. In addition, it offers stock screening functions and portfolio analysis tools.

Thomson One

Thomson One provides company overviews and financials, annual reports, stock quotes, earnings estimates, corporate filings, ownership information, merger and acquisition deals, private equity information, and investment analyst reports on companies and industries.

Value Line

Value Line offers independent analyst valuation, recommendations and analysis of stocks, industries, mutual funds, options, and convertibles.

WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

WRDS is a platform that offers both subscription and free resources. Subscription resources include CRSP/Compustat, CRSP, Survivor-Bias-Free Mutual Funds and some subsets of Global Insight DataInsight. All sets for Global Insight are available through our direct Web subscription.

Data Analysis Tools


MATLAB (which stands for matrix laboratory) is a software package that integrates computation, visualization, and programming in a graphic user interface environment. Problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. It has evolved over years and become a powerful tool for research, development and analysis.


SPSS (Statistical package for the social sciences) is software for editing and analyzing all sorts of data. Data may come from basically any source: scientific research, a customer database, Google Analytics or even the server log files of a website. This data can be used for market research, surveys, data mining and more.


Stata (abbreviation of the words statistics and data) is a general purpose software package for statistical analysis. It is primarily used by researchers in the fields of economics, biomedicine, and political science to examine data patterns.