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Our foremost priority is providing a safe and healthy educational environment for all our community members.

The university is taking multiple preventative measures, including contingency plans, in accordance with guidance from local, state and federal health authorities to promote a safe community and campus in the face of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.  As some faculty and staff have returned to campus, and as others continue to work remotely, workspaces and interactions are different from what they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. Students, faculty and staff are expected to adhere to required health and safety guidelines established by the university and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  How that work is accomplished may change over time, perhaps rapidly.  Please continue to use this page for updates on policies and procedures for returing to campus.

Brandeis Campus Passport Portal Mandatory Health and Safety Requirements

The Brandeis Campus Passport provides you with a personalized view of your readiness to come to campus, based on your completion of three mandatory tasks: Training, The Daily Health Assessment and Testing

To help Brandeis community members organize these important tasks, the Brandeis Campus Passport provides you with a personalized view of your readiness to come to campus, based on your completion of these three steps. When you log into the Campus Passport portal, you will see your current “Passport Color”. For more information on passport colors and other health and safety guidelines, please visit the Brandeis Covid-19 Response Webpage

For more information on each task, please visit the links below.

  1. Training: Before coming to campus, all community members must complete a Brandeis’ online COVID-19 training course in LATTE. This step is completed once, before your first arrival.
  2. Daily Health Assessment: All individuals living on or arriving to campus must complete a Daily Health Assessment each day, prior to arriving to campus (or leaving their residence) to screen for potential exposure to or infection by COVID-19. This only needs to be completed if you are coming to (or residing on) campus.
  3. Testing: All Brandeis community members who come to campus are required to submit samples for testing. Testing frequency is based on how many times one expects to come to campus each week. On-campus residents, for example, must take a test every 84 hours. 


Building Access Keycard and Open Door Access Information

In order to conduct adequate contact tracing, we wil be utilizing our door keycard system to pull reports for entry into our buildings.  All faculty and graduate students should use your keycard entering Sachar or Lemberg and should enter through the front entrances. 

When classes are in session, the rear entrance door to Lemberg is open to all undergraduate faculty and students Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  If you are a graduate or PhD student and do not have keycard access or are unsure if you do, please reach out to the OAASE Office.  If you are faculty or staff and need to set up or check your access, please email

Safety Requirements Masks, Social Distancing, Cleaning and More

Masks Required
Wear a mask at all times, both outdoors and indoors (except when in your office alone and the door is closed).

Social Distancing
Always maintain six feet of distance away from others.

Personal Hygiene
Wash your hands frequently. Stay home if you are sick.

Office Cleaning
In addition, to comply with guidelines set forth by the University, all faculty and staff are required to fill out a cleaning log when you use our buildings.  Follow this link to our Departure and Cleaning Log.  If you do not have cleaning supplies, please leave a note in the log and we will work with Facilities Services to provide this to you.

Additional Information
For additional details related to the university’s Stage Two protocols, please reference the Campus Scaling Up Guide and Policy: Faculty and Staff, Stage Two.

Technology, Teaching and Learning Support

The links below will take you to various resources and support options for online teaching & learning, working remotely and more. It contains up-to-date information compiled and developed by both the International Business School and Brandeis University. 

Research Support

The links below will take you to various research support options at Brandeis.

Additional Information for Faculty and TAs

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All graduate students with teaching duties are required to attend a Title IX educational training that emphasizes their roles as responsible reporters and instructs them on what to do if they witness, or if a student discloses to them, an incident of sexual misconduct. This training is mandatory for graduate students to be able to teach at Brandeis. The training is offered at or around the beginning of each semester, and graduate students are required to attend only once.