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Our professors and lecturers are thought leaders in their disciplines who produce award-winning research.
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World Ready Means World Experts

At the center of our academic experience is the faculty – thought leaders who create new financial models for understanding complex markets, conduct award-winning research on macroeconomic policy, and spearhead fields of scholarship like cross-cultural fluency and microfinance.

Their expertise ranges across disciplines, from market microstructure to international trade. Professors edit esteemed journals, earn awards from the likes of the Review of Finance and receive grants from major research bodies across the globe.

Our faculty consists not exclusively of researchers, but also adjunct professors with extensive real-world experience, from successful entrepreneurs to strategists at major investment firms.

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On paper, in the classroom and around the world, our faculty influence and impact global economic, finance and business communities.

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Sandra Cha

Because diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of Brandeis history and mission, we value and are seeking candidates with a variety of social identities, including those that have been underrepresented in higher education, who possess skills that spark innovation, and who, through their scholarly pursuits, teaching, and/or service experiences, bring expertise in building, engaging and sustaining a pluralistic, unified, and just campus community.

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