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Professor Nader Habibi Presents at Bridgewater State University

Professor Nader Habibi gave a talk at Bridgewater State University at their conference in April 2017, entitled "Revisiting the Silk Road."

Blake LeBaron

Professor Blake LeBaron is a part-time visiting researcher at the Office of Financial Research in the U.S. Treasury department, where he is currently working to build multi-agent simulations to better understand financial stability. Separately, he presented new research at the Annual Conference on Computational Economics and Finance in Bordeaux, France in Summer 2016. 

Professor Robert Carver recently spoke at the SAS Institute at the JMP Discovery Summit, with a talk entitled "Speeding Up the Dirty Work of Data Analytics."

Professor Tibor Toth recently spoke at the WPI Energy Symposium and at the Harvard Business School Energy Symposium, the latter on a panel entitled "Energy Storage Driving Grid Optimization." 

Professor Elif Sisli Ciamarra published a paper entitled "Executive Compensation and Risk Taking: The Impact of Systemic Crises," which was recently included in the book The Financial Crisis. 

Professor Debarshi Nandy is working on a new paper about student loans entitled, "Student Debt and Personal Portfolio Risk." The paper indicates that "Student debt may reduce investment in risky assets, thus affecting the long-term wealth of individuals, and may also have repercussions for the broader economy."

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