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Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)

Master of Science in Business Analytics

The new Master of Science in Business Analytics degree1 program at Brandeis IBS combines data analytics and related programming courses with training in finance, marketing and business dynamics. Students will graduate with an understanding of statistical, programming, data visualization and econometric methods of analyzing data in order to make economic, financial and business decisions.

The MS in Business Analytics is taught by leading scholars and practitioners in data analytics, computational finance, business dynamics, econometrics and marketing analytics. Students will participate in a faculty-directed analytics consulting project to provide real-world experience to complement the intensive classroom experience. The program is STEM-designated, which acknowledges the quantitative rigor of the business school's academic programs. This designation offers international students up to 36 months of additional practical training in the U.S. after graduation.

Positioned for Success in High-Demand Fields

There is increasing need for graduates who can analyze data in a business environment. According to a 2017 McKinsey & Company Report,2 “data and analytics are now widely acknowledged as transformational, yet many companies are capturing only a fraction of their value."

The new MS in Business Analytics will enable graduates to transform data into actionable insights for firms competing in the global marketplace.

Students in our other Brandeis IBS programs have applied their knowledge from data analytics courses at companies including Google, JP Morgan and Boston Consulting Group.

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Our core courses provide the basis for business analytics, and our elective courses offer a grounding in the application of business analytics to marketing, finance or business dynamics.

Core Courses  

  • Programming for Business Analytics (Fall)
  • Applied Econometrics (Fall)
  • Big Data I (Fall Module)
  • Information Visualization (Fall Module)
  • Accounting and Financial Analysis (Fall)
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting (Fall)
  • Big Data II (Summer)
  • Consulting Project in Business Analytics (Summer)

Sample Elective Courses  

  • Marketing Analytics (Spring)
  • Forecasting in Economics and Finance (Spring)
  • Business Dynamics (Fall)
  • Machine Learning course (TB designed) (Spring)
  • Computer Simulation & Risk Analysis (Fall)
  • Applications of System Dynamics (Spring)
  • Digital Marketing (Fall)
  • Social Media & Analytics (Fall)
  • Supply Chain Analytics (Spring)
  • Marketing Research (Fall)
  • Advanced Econometrics I (Spring)
  • Internship in Business Analytics (2 credits) (Fall and Spring)
  • Corporate Financial Modeling (Fall and Spring)
  • Portfolio Financial Modeling (Fall and Spring)

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1The Master of Science in Business Analytics is pending final approval by the Brandeis University Board of Trustees.

2May 2017 McKinsey & Company Report, “What’s Now and Next in Analytics, AI, and Automation.”