Brandeis International Business School

MS in Business Analytics Curriculum

Solve Real-world Problems

students presenting at three day startup competition

The Master of Science in Business Analytics equips students to analyze data. 

Key Elements

  • Learn data management and pre-processing, management-oriented visualization, data structures and analysis, selected machine learning methods, and predictive modeling.
  • Build models and execute analyses to address current needs of businesses as well as solve problems presented in cases.
  • Focus on solving real-world problems as well as gaining experience with current, widely adopted software tools.

Course Requirements

Our core courses provide the basis for business analytics, and our elective courses offer a grounding in the application of business analytics to marketing, finance or business dynamics.
Required Courses (18 credits)
  • BUS xxxf Introduction to Python for Business and FinanceBUS 211f
  • Big Data I
  • BUS 212a Big Data II
  • BUS 240f Information Visualization
  • BUS 241f Machine Learning and Data Analysis for Business and Finance
  • ECON 213a Applied Econometrics with R
Group 1: Core Courses (4 credits required)
  • BUS 256a Marketing Analytics
  • BUS 276a Business Dynamics
  • ECON/FIN 250a Forecasting in Economics and Finance
Group 2: Electives (8 credits required)
  • BUS 253a Marketing Research
  • BUS 257f Social Media & Analytics
  • BUS 259f Digital Marketing
  • BUS 272a Operations Management
  • BUS 274f Supply Chain Analytics
  • BUS 286a Applications of System Dynamics
  • BUS 297a Internship in Business Analytics
  • ECON 311a Advanced Econometrics I
  • FIN 2xxa Investments\Corp Fin OR Fin 201a Investments
  • FIN 217f Corporate Financial Modeling
  • FIN 218f Portfolio Financial Modeling
  • FIN 285a Computer Simulation & Risk Analysis
  • RPJM 101 Foundations of Project Management

Or any course from Group 1 not taken to satisfy those requirements

Group 3: Electives (6 credits required)
  • Any BUS, ECON, or FIN course at the International Business School
  • Other approved courses at Brandeis University
Capstone (4 credits)
  • Bus 295a Consulting Project in Data Analytics (4 credits)
  • Internship (4 credits)
  • Directed Research (4 credits)