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Special Students at Brandeis International Business School

Are you almost ready to become World Ready? Start your journey and explore your options by taking up to eight credits as a Special Student at Brandeis International Business School (IBS). These classes are offered in-person at Brandeis IBS and are an excellent option for those who live locally and wish to enhance their expertise in business, economics or finance, as well as for those who wish to eventually apply to become a full-time student at the business school.

Special Students may enroll in courses on a space-available basis and may take up to eight credits. Special students may apply in either the fall or spring semester.

Should a Special Student wish to enroll in a degree program, the student would need to submit a full application by the application deadline for the term in which he/she wishes to enroll as a degree-seeking student. Any courses completed as a Special Student will only apply to the degree program if the student has earned a minimum grade of “B” in the course. Special Students are not eligible for university loans, scholarships, fellowships, or teaching or research assistantships.

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