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Marshall Santoso, BA/MA’13: Competing with himself for his dream job

Marshall Santoso

Yohanes Marshall Santoso (who goes by Marshall), BA/MA’13 has invented his own koan: “The key to looking for a job is to not worry about the job.”

How did you get your job at Ernst & Young?

It all started when I showed up at a job fair hosted by the Association for Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) at the International Business School. I connected with Recruiter A from Ernst & Young and sent a “nice to meet you, I’m interested in valuation work” email after our meeting.

Then I scored well on the Bloomberg Assessment test and followed up with Recruiter A to share the good news. Recruiter A introduced me to Recruiter B, someone closer to the valuation department. I researched everyone I spoke to, looking for talking points that would bring a genuine connection to the conversation, keeping the focus on building a relationship and not just landing a job. With less than 24 hours’ notice, I nailed the interview for my dream job and even overcame a snowstorm to arrive on time.

Tell us about your background.

I was born in Indonesia to parents with Chinese bloodlines and raised in the Philippines—I’m as international as you can get. Growing up, I played competitive sports including volleyball; at Brandeis, I helped turn the recreational volleyball club into a college league competing team.

How did Brandeis help you succeed?

My core classes gave me a broad set of financial knowledge, and the Career Strategies Center advisors constantly encouraged me and provided chances to practice and hone my interview skills. They do a lot of workshops and put the emphasis on knowing yourself, so when interviewers ask about your qualities, it comes out as second nature.

Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance (MA)

Job Title

Boston Consulting Group