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Stephanie Borr ’22, MA’23: Converting her internship into a full-time role

stephanie.jpgWhy did you decide to stay at Brandeis for a master’s degree?

As a Brandeis undergraduate, I was lucky to have amazing student mentors who introduced me to Brandeis International Business School and its BA/MA program. I decided to pursue my master’s degree because I wanted to develop my professional and technical skills, grow my network and prepare myself as much as possible for my career. Staying at Brandeis to do this was driven by the structure of the BA/MA program and the passionate, diverse and intelligent student body.

How did the BA/MA program help you land your job?

My classes at Brandeis have allowed me to narrow my interests, challenge myself to improve and broaden my skill set, and work together with other students. All of these things helped me define my job search and feel prepared to talk about my applicable experience in the interview process.

The team at the Career Strategies and Engagement Center played an instrumental role in helping me land and prepare for my first big interview. I was calm and poised thanks to their help and landed an internship that would later lead to a full-time job offer. The CSE staff are a passionate, enthusiastic and experienced group of leaders.

What were the most valuable things you learned at Brandeis?

The technical skills I learned in my classes were extremely valuable during my internship. My professors did a great job emulating a true industry environment in my classes. Networking was another valuable skill that ultimately helped me turn my internship into a full-time job. By perfecting my elevator pitch and professional presentation skills, I was able to confidently navigate the full-time employment process.

What should prospective students know about the International Business School?

You will get out of your program what you put into it. Being a student at Brandeis International Business School is about so much more than just attending classes and completing assignments. There are so many amazing student clubs, networking groups and community organizations to get involved with. Invest in yourself and your master’s program will be an enriching experience that will help you gain confidence, direction and autonomy in your career.


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Bank of America

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