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Nisha Sheth, MA'00: “Don’t be shy about taking risks”

Nisha Sheth
What inspired you to come to Brandeis?

I attended Gujarat University in my hometown, and after graduating, I wanted to go abroad for business school. Most people in my family are engineers, but I was interested in business. My grandmother went to the London School of Economics and I always admired her. I wanted to live in or near a big American city, and I wanted a school with an international focus. I stumbled on Brandeis International Business School and thought, "This is just what I’m looking for."

Describe your student experience.

I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from India, pretty much clueless about American student life, but everyone I met—other students, faculty, administrators—was helpful and welcoming. I admit, though, school was an adjustment. The case method and team-based learning were challenging initially. We were required to speak up in class, and it took me a while to find my voice. The supportive Brandeis community helped build my confidence further.

How did you land at PwC?

During my time at Brandeis, I did a summer internship at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It was a great experience, but I wanted to go into consulting. After I returned from my semester abroad in Paris, I saw that PwC had a job posting in its transfer pricing (TP) practice. Staff at the Brandeis Career Center encouraged me to apply. During my job interviews – both on campus and at the firm—everything just clicked. I’ve been here 15 years. Of course, I have done different things during that time.

What does your job entail?

I started in the TP division of PwC’s tax group in Boston. By 2006, I had earned my CFA charter and was ready to try something different by focusing on valuation services in the M&A practice. In 2012, I moved to New York for an opportunity within the valuation practice in financial services. While my work can be highly technical, I spend a lot of time forging relationships with clients and mentoring and coaching junior employees. I believe in giving back. A lot of people helped me get to PwC and through the partner process, so now I give back to Brandeis through recruiting efforts and helping the next generation of professionals at PwC.

What’s your advice for women embarking on their careers?

Be open to different experiences. Don't be shy about taking risks. At first, I was scared about moving to New York, but when I thought about all the people at PwC who had invested in me, I realized I needed to take the leap. It’s important to do things outside your comfort zone. When you’re uncomfortable, that’s when you grow the most.

Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance
Class of 2000

Principal – Deals / Transaction Services – Valuation, PwC

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