Brandeis International Business School

Melina Reyes Yépez, MSF’15: Real-world exposure in the classroom

Melina Reyes
Why did you decide to pursue an MSF?

I had studied economics and worked in credit risk management, and while I’d always been interested in the study of finance, I knew that opportunities to further my knowledge in the United States were key to advancing in the field. The MSF program at Brandeis International Business School offered the flexibility, real-world exposure and career development opportunities that I was hoping for.

What elements of your graduate education stand out?

At the International Business School, you’re in classes with people who are just as good as you or even better, which keeps things challenging. I particularly enjoyed my private equity class with Professor Mike McKay. He’s a founding partner at Bain Private Equity, and he structures the class and cases in a way that makes you feel like you are part of the industry, even as a student. It was amazing to have someone with hands-on experience in the field explaining it to you.

What advice do you have for current MSF students?

Take equal time to study and to apply for jobs, and don’t be afraid of networking. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, even if they are senior to you professionally. Ask questions and connect with your professors — they’re a great resource to help you figure out which field you might be interested in as you pursue your career. Overall, remember to have fun during your time at Brandeis. It really does fly by!

Master of Science in Finance
Class of 2015

Finance Manager - Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships, REEF

Home Country
Dominican Republic

Undergraduate Institution
Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra