Brandeis International Business School

FIN 217F — Corporate Financial Modeling

Prerequisite or corequisite: FIN 202a, FIN 203a, or FIN 204a and FIN 212a. Corequisite may be taken during module 2. Students are expected to know basic excel. Meets for one-half semester and yields half-course credit.

Develops skill sets required for an integrated corporate financial modeling. The course takes an approach of first developing the building blocks of financial models and integrate them into pro forma financial statements forecasting from which cash flows can be built for valuation, scenarios and sensitivity analysis. The course starts out with a quick review of critical excel skills required for this module, followed by developing coherent frameworks for financial modeling and valuation. The course culminates with students applying these modeling frameworks to real company of financial modeling project and presentation. Usually offered every semester.
Hamza Abdurezak