Brandeis International Business School

BUS 211A — Foundations of Data Analytics

May not be taken for credit by students who took BUS 211f previously. The distinguished speakers, who have navigated these issues firsthand, will drive the specific session's topic.

We are now in an era of voluminous real-time data, with fast, affordable computing and data-driven decision making. Firms across the spectrum are gathering detailed real-world data on their customers, competitors, and marketplace. This vast volume of information will provide significant competitive advantage to companies and managers who can leverage these data and derive meaningful managerial insights. This course has been designed for professionals who will be using analytics on large datasets, and so is intended for students wanting to go into marketing, finance, consulting, entrepreneurship, business strategy, or operations management. More specifically, the course provides experience with applications of data analytics specific to business decisions. Usually offered every semester.

Arnold Kamis, Yeabin Moon, Xavi Vidal-Berastain