Brandeis International Business School

BUS/FIN 241A — Machine Learning and Data Analysis for Business and Finance

Prerequisites: BUS 215f and either ECON 184a or ECON 213a; previous experience coursework in Python. May not be taken for credit by students who took BUS/FIN 241f in prior years.

Offers a general topics course on machine learning tools, and their
implementation through Python, and the Python packages, Scikit Learn, Keras,
TensorFlow, and the Natural Language Toolkit (NLT). The course is oriented
heavily to applications in business and finance, giving students the tools
needed to survive in the modern data analytics space. It is not intended as a deep theoretical approach to machine learning. Students will finish the class with a basic understanding of how to execute predictive analytic algorithms, as well as rigorously test their performance. The course is statistical in nature. Usually offered every semester.
Blake LeBaron and Sida Li